Sunday, January 13, 2008

Middle East: Camels love Pepsi

So I was on Flurl today instead of YouTube. Never mind why.
But I got done watching something and just as I was ready to log out I see a video called "Camels Love Pepsi".

Well, well, well Afganistan! Ho, Ho, Ho Iraq. Hee Hee Hee Iran.
How ya like us NOW?!?!? Seems your camels enjoy our decadent Western Hemisphere Beverage!

You can watch the vid here:

Enjoy a nice Pepsi with your viewing...

1 comment:

LookinGreat! said...

Very different than any lens I've ever seen. Interesting info - raw pepsi? Hmm sounds like I'd like to try it. There's so much different additives in most softdrinks that it's nice to see one going back to (original)nature.