Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adult Cola sites - NOT for kids!

Ok, so a few months ago I 'sold out' and wrote a cola article that had a 'MILF' theme to it.
I feel bad. A little bad. A tiny, tiny bit bad. Whatever.

So today I noticed that I hadn't posted in a bit and traffic is down.
So, what better way to get a hot post back on than to use the MILF theme again?

Yeah, but who knew what I'd FIND?
You type "MILF" and "Cola" in Google and find all KINDS of stuff, like. - no clue what his 'theme' is. There WAS a post about the porn industry and someone way down commented something about MILF...but in all the site seems to just reach out at topics. - PORN SITE! Do not click unless you are willing to explain to the people around you why you are looking at naked women. Period. Hell, you think 'I' sold out?! He even has a coca cola bottle in his logo!!!!!

...and the rest is 'either or' stuff. Like 'MILF" is in one article on a blog posts and 30 articles earlier was an article on the 50th Anniversary of the Coca Cola 600 (car race. As in NASCAR).

When you think about it, and innocent correlation between a young lady in the MidWest and Mr. Pibb soda is NOTHING compared to HellCola and MatureCola.

Leading me to ask...what have YOU been drinking?!??!

neither Hell Cola or Mature Cola appears at Coke vs. Pepsi....

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