Friday, February 8, 2008

Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes and Mello Yello!

I'ma big Pro Wrestling Fan...I'm a big Soda when I see a soda commerical that fetures my favorite wrestlers, I'm in Hog Heaven!

Today, I bring you the Mello Yello commerical that stars the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes! This spot was shot in the mid 80s, when Dusty was hot and Mello Yello was cool! Not only was Dusty featured in the spot, but the show how the soda cans were adorned with images of the various popular wrestlers of the time. (Sorry, no Hulk Hogan, here...he was working for a different Fed!)

Click Here to see the YouTube commercial.

You can bet that if I can find a website that promotes these customized cans, I'm gonna promote it to the mooon! (Not unlike the way I like to show off the customized cans that Jones Soda offers. Click this link to see them!)

So enjoy Dusty Rhodes and the Mello Yello commercial...and Hollar Here if you can find customized soda cans!

(Brought to you by Coke vs. Pepsi on Squidoo!)