Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Soda Stream offers Free Shipping

...but Expensive!

Unless, of course, you make your own.

Don't scoff.
You COULD go out for breakfast every morning, or you can fry your own eggs and microwave some bacon, right?

You COULD go out for dinner every night, but that costs an arm and a leg!
That's why you cook, right?

Making your own soda with a reliable soda maker is a low cost way to get your favorite flavored beverage without leaving the house!  (So you don't spend extra for GAS, either. See?!?!?)

AND...when made right...soda made in house is healthier because it lacks the additives and chemicals that are used when mass-produced and then stored on shelves.

Would you like to make your own delicious, healthy soda?

This baby sits comfortably on your kitchen counter...like a blender or a coffee maker!

 But there are MANY to choose from!

And they all are Soda Makers that now feature FREE SHIPPING?
(Go ahead...click the link and see for yourself!)

Make yourself a sparkling water drink....flavor it as you wish...and enjoy the beverage right in your own home for nickels at a time!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Return of Stop Killer Coke

All the way back in 2008 I learned about a campaign called Stop Killer Coke.
I even blogged about it, although at the time I took it somewhat lightly. I didn't exactly blog an in-depth history of the campaign.

There does not seem to be a real plethora of press on the issue since, so while I feel I was slightly negligent, I dont think I missed out on (or misrepresented) a major news topic. Maybe a few articles from 2010 show up on Google.

But the Stop Killer Coke website IS still active.

And I noticed that after 2 years of inactivity, the Stop Killer Coke Twitter Account started rolling again in late June.
(the Twitter feed does not seem to be exclusive to the South American Murders, but rather to the negativity of Coke/soda in general)

Ironically, this past September Mexico was introduced to Coca Cola Life ...which is being positioned as a "healthy" soda given that it has half the calories of a 'regular' can of Coke.

Further ironic (is there an expression for THREE items all contradictory?) is that Mexico has since instituted a Soda Tax as a way to compensate for the effort to fight obesity in-country.

South South America has a push-pull relationship with Soda, in several directions!

I'll cover Mexico's love for soda and the corresponding soda tax in later blog posts, but I originally put these thoughts together as I looked back into whether the Stop Killer Coke campaign took on any global traction.

It appears, at least based on my quick research, it hasnt come to much here in the states.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finally, Pleasant Mello Yello News

A can this nice looking should always come with an enjoyable experience.

But the last few times I blogged about Mello Yello, it was bad news.

Like the time I had one while Fishing.

Or the time I had one while helping a friend move.

When it got harder to find the soda here in the North East, I figured the problem was past me.

But as of late, I've been having a GOOD experience with my Soda nemesis.

A while back, Burger King put a new soda machine in their stores.
Instead of standard 4 or 8 sodas to choose from, you get a TON of flavors to choose from!
It's like a library of Soda Flavors!

See all the buttons?
And those buttons reveal MORE buttons!

I remember seeing this "kind" of machine in a Taco Bell in the past.
But it's here, in my neighborhood, and it's got...


...Mello Yello.

In FACT, it's got 3 flavors of Mello Yello!
Regular!  Peach!   Cherry!

And the "good"news, is that once a month my son and I go to Burger King and I get myself a nice tall Mello Yello  (regular)...and I don't get sick.

Welcome back, my yellow friend!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Little Bottles of Dew

Man I just LOVE this stuff!

I know it isnt good for me...but I really, really like it...!!

Ice cold, it beats a beer some days.
And it's smoother than a Cola...carbonated but not fiercely.

Do the Dew!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's All About the Soda, Baby!

 So, how well do you think THIS ad would fare today?


Man I would LOVE to see the faces on some parents thumbing thru "parenting" magazine if THESE ads popped up!  :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost Jealous of that Pepsi Paper!

I got "mentioned" on Twitter today.  (@Defmall)

I was somewhat taken aback because it doesnt happen much, and almost NEVER by strangers.
(I usually have to initiate the conversation)

So I looked to see who was calling me out, and it's @BrockmanRichie
 Never heard of him.

But he mentioned me because he put together one of these free, online newspaper pages.
His is all about Pepsi Cola  (and apparently there is a connection to Nicole Ritchie)

From an SEO-standpoint, this page ROCKS.
It mentions Pepsi, Michael Jackson, Blanket, Nicole Ritchie...
and for Pepsi-specific content, Its putting this blog to shame. LOL!

Half of the page is in another language that clearly is "Spanish" but I dont want to guess the dialect wrong.    (If you read the page and know the answer, please comment the blog and let me know!)

Any, mad props to the Brockman...his family member Nicole...and his Pepsi Page.
It's the page of a New Generation!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jones and the Scary Sodas

*sigh* well, it's that time again....!

With Halloween right around the corner, Jones Soda has it's new scary flavors popping up!

Surely you are familiar with Jones Soda?
The guys who let you Private Label your own beverages?!
The guys who create all KINDS of flavors...even HOLIDAY flavors?!

Well..I'm walking through Target last night, and I see:

Mr. Jones has apparently decorated for Halloween!

Here, let me give you a better view:

Crazy flavours for this crazy time of year!

If you are hosting a Halloween party...or you're just tired of generic colas....seek out Jones Sodas for Halloween and live it up a bit!