Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Last 30 Days

As an incredibly motivated and successful person, I enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Its my time to reflect on the year I've had and think about everything I want to do in the new year. New Goals, new accomplishments, new strategies.

But I also...almost always...wind up dedicating a few hours to reflecting on the month of December.

Its not to re-review my past strategies or re-evaluate my month.
Truthfully, it's to lament all the time wasted between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The shopping
  Getting boxes of decorations from attic and basement
    The wrapping
      The actual decorating 
          Making lists, checking twice
             RETURNING purchases that Mrs. Defmall made
                 Decorating OUTSIDE?   The Worst....!
                    Going places I don't want to go.
                      Seeing people I only see once a year
                       Buying food and leaving it at whatever party/gathering we attend.
                          HOURS of cleaning again...

GAH!  I can't stand it.

Before you start using words like "Grinch" or "Scrooge", lets take a minute to be a little reasonable.

1) I don't need a designated day to be charitable or to give gifts. I do it whenever I please.
2) If you think Christmas is about shopping and gift giving, you are sadly mistaken
3) Spending a month decorating for ONE day out of the year is horribly inefficient .. spending another week taking all the decorating DOWN and putting it away is just as bad.
4) If it's a holiday, how come I don't get any sleep, any sex or any satisfaction from my efforts??

Quite frankly, its a terrible waste of my time.
I'm not saying YOU shouldn't celebrate Christmas...but I'm saying I shouldn't be forced to. Or even asked to.  Or get looked at the way I do when I don't want to.

I'm trying to be reasonable and rationale with my day to day efforts. I'm a busy, wealthy guy and I've got Highly Important Big Picture things to think about.  Matching ceramic coffee mugs with a plastic tray isn't one of them.

While dimwits argue "Happy Holidays vs. Merry Xmas", I'm thinking about how to get some quiet time away from flashing white-and-red lights. And the same 15 songs every damn year. Different artists, but the same songs. Over and Over again.


As long as we're so concerned with Robots learning to do Human Activities, let's teach them to shop, clean and decorate. That would make my Christmas season 100 times easier on me.

Here's to 2018. At least I get 11 months of sanity...


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Tools of the Gym

         Another morning in the gym today, and in the euphoria of a successful workout I also have a chance to be a little observant and a little philosophical.

         Ever take stock of all the different kinds of "tools" in a gym?

         The weights and machinery....those are good tools.

         The guy who yells as loud as he can while lifting....he's just a goddam tool.

         Hard Foam Blocks for stretching...those are good tools.

        The guy who watches himself pose in the mirror while feeling his pecs....he's just a tool.

        A quality Balance Board for working on your entire core is a GREAT tool.

        The guy walking around with headphones on, singing loud and off key....effing tool.

        Fitness Balls for both core and upper body strength...good, versatile tools.

        2 guys having a personal conversation in front of the machine you are waiting patiently to use...those are poor, useless tools.

       MMA Gloves are great tools for hitting heavy bags if your gym has them.
       But try to refrain from hitting those obnoxious tools walking around the gym.
       They may deserve it...but you'll just wind up with a lawsuit.

        Effing Tools....

Friday, December 22, 2017

Millionaire Marriage Conundrum

After another huge month of Six Figure sales, my girlfriend Angel and I are in the islands,  celebrating and relaxing.

Everyone loves Angel. Not just because of pretty face and double-digit "breasts-to-waist" ratio, but because she's sweet. And she smiles a lot. And she's interested in all kinds of things.

Yep, everyone likes Angel.
Except for Mrs. Defmall.

Most people, at this point, say "Hey, Jackson...if you are so successful why are you such a failure in your relationship." To which I reply Failure? I'm successfully managing TWO relationships right now. That's 2 more than most of you out there."

But seriously...if there's a Mrs. Defmall, why is there an Angel?

It simple - because Mrs. Defmall ISN'T Angel.

Look, life is hard. People get hardened. They get unhappy. They get bitter. They complain a lot. They want to fight a lot. They want to sit and do nothing.

Does that sound like the means to a happy marriage?
Of course not.

If you are a 1% High Achiever like me, you know you want to be surrounded by happy, successful, motivated, ambitious people.

And swimsuit models.
Lots of those.

So WHY Marry?
Because we don't all start off as wildly successful and smart. We start off wildly ambitious and optimistic.  (Don't worry. Life's lessons will wipe that off your face in due time). We really believe we can make others happy, and that they can make us happy. We really believe we can weather all of the storms together.

Then we wake up.

Marriage was invented a few years after man learned to write.
That was back when Humans lived to be about 40 and no one knew that sex was fun even if you WEREN'T trying to make a baby.

Today, people live twice as long.
If you marry someone at the age of are likely going to spend the next 60 years with them.

Newleyweds say "GREAT! That's the POINT"
Yeah...that's because you are newlyweds.

You'll grow.  You'll evolve.
You'll learn new things.
You'll want new toys.

Maybe your partner won't.

And men, this isn't just a "great to be a man" thing.
Women are not barefoot and in the kitchen anymore.
THEY have interests too.
And a smart phone.
And social media.
Maybe even...Tinder.

We grow and we evolve, so we cant all grow and evolve the exact same way at the exact same time.

Remember when you were little and it was exciting to go to Burger King?
Some of you STILL like Burger King.
Some of you prefer a steak
Some of your became a vegetarian
(or a vegan...whatever the hell that is....)

Point is, you are going to live well past 40. 
The idea of never touching another member of the opposite sex for the next 45 years should scare the hell out of you.

Will Angel last forever. Certainly not.
At some point SHE will evolve. She'll stop wearing make up, she'll stop eating right, she won't want sex anymore. She'll start complaining.

That's why every great business man has an Exit Strategy.

Mrs. Defmall doesn't like it, but deep down inside she understands.
She still gets 50% of everything this multi-millionaire makes. The kids are still spoiled rotten.

And somewhere deep in her heart she fantasizes about sitting on a beach with someone just as angry and uninspired as she is.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Those that can't....Tweet

When I was young there was a disparaging saying about teachers. It was something like "Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach.:

Which of course, is rediculous.
First off, you can't teach if you dont know how to do something.
Second, most teachers teach because they LIKE to. They prefer to help others to get good at something rather than just keep the knowledge for themselves.

But today there is a new age of Teacher.
Folks running around Twitter posting uplifting messages in 144 characters or less.
( it's 288 characters. More teaching!)

All the messages look the same. It's one of two genres.
Either some sweetie with a big heart saying: Let the light in your heart shine for all the world to see. Go after your dream....

Or some blowhard in his blazer and blue jeans saying: The problem is YOU. YOU need to #hustle. You need to #grind. While you sleep, I eat the competition. I'm a mega jakked animal....

But either it really "teaching"?
Just a series of mantras and advice.
No real content. No real "how to"
Just "you must" messages.

You must keep going.
You must have a positive attitude
You must do whst others fear.

Some of these guys tweet so often, I wonder when they have time to work.
When do they work?
(Oh! That's right...they make so much passive income that they don't HAVE to work anymore. They can vacation in the islands and count their money and tweet. Click the link in their profile if you want to make $250,000 this month....!)

Advice is nice, but enough lecturing from the same blowhard or the same angel-faced "social media expert" gets tedious.  It all sounds the same. It's like one repetitious loop of catch phrases.

Don't tell me what I have to do.
Teach me "how".

Then we can all be "those that do"..

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Its not (entirely) your fault

Why am I super successful Software executive, a super healthy gym rat and a laser focused goal-slayer....while you and your peers aren't?

Because statistically, that's the way it works.

Over 90% of people who start a diet, fall off and regain the weight. Over 80% of people who buy a self-help book don't finish it, and of those who DO finish it never act on the things they learn.

People hate change and hate hard work.
It's just their nature.

It's not your fault.

We're told every day to grind, work hard, apply yourself .... believe in yourself.
"You can do it!" you're told.

Maybe you can't.
Hey, it's not really your fault.

Exceptional people are successful BECAUSE they're exceptional. Yes, they work hard. And "yes", you can work hard too.

But you have to work hard every single day.
Every hour of every day.
You have to play hard, too.
Hell, you even have to sleep hard.

But that's not you, right?
I mean, you're not adverse to hard work. But EVERY DAY?  That's nutty, isn't it?

When the weather is awful out, you don't really want to go to the gym....right?
When you hear "no" 100 times ,,, it's time to go home and recharge, right?
And if you get less than 7 hours of sleep, you're just miserable...aren't you,

It's not entirely your fault.
You've got good qualities!  You're nice. People like you. You have a good heart. You use your directional signal when you drive on the highway.

You just aren't mega wealthy with zero-percent body fat.

And that's because life works that way.
Statistically, your odds of being exceptional for long periods of time are VERY low.

Maybe you're just "average"
That's not so bad.
"Below" average? That's not good.
But average isn't awful.

So embrace your inner average.
It feels a lot better than 4 hours of sleep and diet devoid of carbs,,,,right?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Happy New Year.- Maybe Success is NOT for You

So I'm sitting with my yellow legal pad, 2 sharpened pencils and tall glass of Dr. Pepper. Looking over 2017 and planning for 2018. What will I do this year? How will I make the year better?

I'm thinking about the icons in the "success" arena - Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone.  I'm thinking about all of the "would be's" who copy their material verbatim. Shamelessly verbatim.

There are a LOT of folks talking about Success.
Who's talking about "Average"?
Who's accepted the fact that they are fat, or ugly, or uneducated or unpleasant or uninspiring.

No one.

Well...up until Today.

Its time for me to wake up the world.
Its time for me to remind the world that " might NOT be able to be successful. You might NOT get in great shape, you might NOT make six figures and you might NOT meet the person of your dreams."

Don't hate.
I'm just being fair and honest.

There is a statistic showing how many people that set New Year's goals don't pursue them come February. Huge odds that you will quit your diet in a month. Tremendous chance that you wont marry a Perfect 10 who loves you in spite of all of your faults.

I'm not making fun of you..
I accept you.
I accept you for how average and uninspiring you are.

I'm here to make you feel good about not feeling so good.

@Defmall is how to reach me in real time.
I'm gonna keep it real for you.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy Anniversary to ME

Well...not to "me" per se.
To the Blog.

I haven't been here in a while, and when I looked at the blog today I realized that our anniversary month is...AUGUST!

Is that Karma or WHAT?!

So here is the update on Soda:

1) I still drink a lot more water than I do soda. I drink a lot more Iced Tea than I drink soda. Come to think of it...I drink very little soda.


2) I am still FASCINATED with soda!   The colors!   The brands!   It's one of life's fun little treasures!  We ALL know Coke and Pepsi...but when I come across a brand or a soda I never heard of before, it ALWAYS makes me smile.     😁

Its OK to love things that aren't good for you. Think of some of the people you've dated in your past!
Soda is never going to win any Health awards ... but as long as it's colorful, ice cold and fizzy, it will always be a winner in the "Generated Most Smiles" category.