Friday, November 30, 2007

Soda is Good and it's Everywhere!

Not sure if you're allowed to talk about OTHER blogs and lenses and things, but Soda is Good is showing up all over the place!

Pepsi, Coke and Mountian Dew On Weebly...

Coca Cola, Jones Soda and Dr. Pepper On HubPages...

Cola Wars and Jones Soda and On Squidoo...

Jones Soda on Ever...

I've got a friend at work who swears by Diet Rite. I told him to write the article and i'd publish it. After all, Diet Rite is soda...and Soda is Good!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Best and Worst of Coca Cola

The "Hottest Products of 2007" includes Coca Cola's Coke Zero.

You can find a great article on it here.

It's hard to find any POSITIVE press on Coca Cola's attempt at a Coffee-flavored morning beverage. That was called "Coke Blak".

Gadgets talks about it here.

The Wikipedia entry, which at least is as un-biased as you will get, is here.
Coca Cola waged a long and hard battle with Pepsi over ownership of the Cola Market and no winner is in sight. You can read much about the Cola Wars and choose YOUR favorite, here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jones Soda vs. Red Bull

You know, I don't really like a lot of the 'home made' stuff I see on YouTube. I mean, while it's nice to see a new media that almost anyone can access and share, a lot of it turns out looking like a 4th grader's homework assignment.

Much of it IS a 4th grader's homework assignment.

But I found something today that I REALLY liked.
It's a table-top 'battle' between Jones Soda and Red Bull.
The cans and bottles move across the table almost seamlessly, and fight to the finish!
Imagine...bottles of uniquely labeled Jones Soda, versus cans of the sleekly packaged silver-and-blue Red Bull.

You can watch the Flavorful Fist Fight here.

And, in fairness to both competitors, let me share an interesting tidbit on each.

You can read an in depth study on why Red Bull is as stimulating, artistic and historical as Origami here. (Yup, one's a drink and one is an art....but they are the same!)

You can see the Limited Edition Seattle Seahawks Jones Sodas here.
(Sounds nutty, but it's really cool!)

You can see the Coke vs. Pepsi lens, which features ALL Things Soda, here.

Monday, November 26, 2007

1 part Coke, 3 part Dr. Pepper, 1 part Football

Burger King for lunch today. The one in my town is slow to update their signage, so the soda machines still have these goofy 'recipe suggestions' of what sodas to mix together to create anew flavor.

Yeah, like my 6 year old nieces haven't thought of that already.

But here is a suggestion that i have likely overlooked all these months: 1 part Dr. Pepper and 3 parts Coca Cola.

Hmmmmmmm...(slurrrp)........not bad.
Kinda' like a really sweet Cherry Coca Cola.
(By the Way, we have 4 cans left in the house. I gotta thank Jay Z for making this soda visible enough for me to find!)

So we're eating lunch, and we're talking Football.

Not sure if YOU watched any ball this weekend, but there were some great games.
In fact, many of the 'lower tier' games were VERY entertaining, and some expected 'blow outs'
turned out to be anything but! (My daughter's Philadelphia Eagles fought the New England Patriots toe-to-toe!)

I was also proud to see my horrible Oakland Raiders fight back to win a game. IN CONFERENCE no less! About time, boys! In fact, between Oakland winning and Randy Moss accomplishing NOTHING against the Eagles, I had a Sunday worthy of a Rum and Coke...or at least a Pepsi with lime.

Drink Soda, watch football.

Buy sodas that have Football players on the can, here.

Read MORE about Soda here.

Be sure, tomorrow, to come back 'here'.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Leftover Turkey and Coca Cola

Thaksgiving, leftover turkey and I am FULL!
With all this left over food, I thought I'd see if there were any recepies for Leftover Turkey and Coca Cola or Pepsi.

You can find the Turkey with Coke recepie here.

You can find a recepie for Coca Cola Barbeque Chicken (not Turkey) here.

Coca Cola Salad recepie (to eat WITH your leftover turkey) here.

Coca Cola Ham (in case you do not WANT anymore Turkey) here.

See the Coke vs. Pepsi lens here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Neither nor Pepsi nor Coca Cola do Chanukah like Jones

Oy! The day I had!'s time to start your Christmas Shopping. But not ALL of you need to start Christmas shoopping. Many of you need to start your Chanukah shopping.

And this holiday, which soda will you offer? Pepsi? Coke?

How about a soda that is tailor made for the Chanukah holiday?

No, I don't mean a soda can with a Jewish Star or a Menorah on it. I mean a LINE of flavors that complement your 8 nights of oil burning and gift giving!

Hey, I'm Jewish. So I know.

Jones Soda is very prooud to release the 2007 Chanukah Gift Pack! You can enjoy such flavors as: Latke Soda, Apple Sauce Soda, Chocolate Coins Soda and Jelly Doughnut Soda!

(I don't know about the Latke soda, but the other 3 sound DELICIOUS!!!)

The Gift Pack includes a completely functional dreidel. AND, you may be pleased to know that these sodas are Certified kosher and contain zero caffeine!

What's not to Love?! Are you Meshuggenah?!??!

My son, the Lawyer, he LOVES the idea of the 2007 Chanukah Gift Pack!

What? You should be half as rich as him!

Listen, there are lots of ways to spell 'Chanukah', but there's only 1 soda to drink at Hanukkah time, and THIS Chanukka I'm going with the Jones Soda 2007 Chanukah Gift Pack.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 Cherry Cokes and a Bright Idea

Seems like Coca Cola ran a sale this weekend because my wife came home with a few cases of Soda. Diet Coke, Sprite and...Cherry Coke?

Hmmm...well, how bad can Cherry Coke be? I like Coke, I like Black Cherry Soda...can't be too bad.

Cracked open a can and...Mmmmmm.

Hey! This is pretty good.
This is REALLY good!

I drank 3 in a one-hour period, which is rare for me. I'm the type who sinks one...m-a-y-b-e a second one...and then feels guilty and drinks water the rest of the night.

But this night was special. Not only because I discoverd a new Coca Cola flavour that I like, but because I entered into a potential partnership with a friend who has a business that I like.

The question isn't WHETHER we will work together, but how soon.

(The deal actually reached that point in the middle of my second Cherry Coke!)

As the deal comes together, I'll share more, and I'll make sure that readers of this blog get free stuff. YAY free stuff!

Yup, it's true. Free magazines, free music, all kinds of discounts on his products and if I can swing it...maybe a free soda.

If you like free stuff, drop me an e-mail at
I want to make sure that you are someone who gets word of the Free Stuff Promotion first.
(reads of this blog will be contacted before anyone else)

In the meantime, you can always check out and find all things Soda that aren't here! :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Warcraft Coca Cola commercial

Found this by accident and thought it was pretty cool! Beause all of you hardcore gamers need caffine to keep going, right? You can't play WarCraft with a dry mouth!
So, here's a shout out to all of you geeks who play video games for hundreds of hours on end, with a controller in 1 hand and a Soda in the other!
Click here for the video!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sports and Soda...and a mind like my own!

You knwo I've recently taken an interest in Jones Soda. And I made a note of it to all you West Coast soda lovers when Jones released 6 flavors of soda that feature members of the Seattle Seahawks on the bottles. (See here.)

Well, wouldn't you know it. Some one got around to making light of those 6 soda botttles before I could! Normally, I would curse my bad luck and wish a plauge of commputer viruses at said commentary...but it's REALLY funny and the comments left by readers were just as humorous.

So, I tip my hat to "MMMMMM Drink Up".
It's a clever blog entry that you can find here.

Don't forget to visit Coke vs. Pepsi.
Only 1 can survive!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coke Truck U.S. vs. Coke Truck Pakistan

You know how you don't pay any attention to something at first, but then when you take an interest it shows up EVERYwhere?! I was online this morning when I accidentally came across a blog entry that shows a photo of a Coca Cola Truck from the and a photo of a Coca Cola truck from Pakistan. VERY different looking! I want to give credit to the blog I found it on, so instead of ME posting the picture, you have to click here to see it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Difference between Pepsi and the Pope

There is a buzz abound as the announcement is made. The Pope is coming to New York in April of 2008. Perhaps this thrills you. To me, it's almost 6 months off...I'm still putting my Thannksgiving plans together. April of 2008 is like a millenium away in my book.

HOWEVER, a little research into what kind of soda the Pontiff prefers led me to this interesting tidbit.

Author Denise Duhamel, in her book Queen for a Day, writes a poem called The Difference betwen Pepsi and the Pope.

I wante to share a link wiht you that best describes the poem..but hte best site I found is really a review of a BUNCH of poems, with Duhamel's near the bottom. It's here.

If you don't want to read the whole page looking for the Pepis-and-Pope references, allow me to cut-and-paste some intersting facts for you:

(In) The Difference between Pepsi and Pope" tells about a flaw that Duhamel has in the right side of her vision:

so that often I get whole words at the end of sentences wrong
like when I first saw the title of David Lehman's poem"The Difference Between Pepsi and Coke" and I misread"Coke" for "Pope."
This blind spot makes me a terrible driver.

She admits that she prefers Coke, mostly because of the "wavy hyphen" that separates "Coca" from "Cola"

Her final analysis on the difference between Coca-Cola's rival and the Cheif of the Vatican?
Pepsi is bubbly and brown while the Pope is flat and white.
Pepsi doesn't have a big white hat. The Popecan't get rid of fender rust.
Pepsi is all for premarital sex.
The Pope won't stain your teeth.

I LOVE this Poet!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Make your own Pepsi. Or Coke. Or Root Beer...

I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

A safe, inexpensive and easy-to-use way to make my OWN soda!

I mean, think about it....why choose Coke over Pepsi when I can made "Cokesi" and have the best of both worlds?!

Mountain Dew? Sprite? Heck! I'll make a Spritey Dew!

Dr. Pepper? Mr. Pibb? No problem...Dr. Pibb! Mr. Pepper! AUGHGH! Now I STILL have to make a decision! Ok, ixnay on the Errychay AvorFlay.

So, you can bet that I've added the Soda Club Soda Maker to my Christmas List! YOU need to put one on YOUR list, too, and you can find this magical soda maker here.

Choose YOUR favorite soda brand here.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

MySpace brings you Diet Coke with Bacon

You never know who you will bump into on MySpace. Once in a while I can track down an old co-worker or friend from High School. I tried looking up some old ex-girlfriends, but it's just as well. They're probably 400 pounds now anyway...

But look who I found on MySpace today:
Sounds nutty? Contrived? Made up?
Go to Google and look up "Diet Coke with Bacon"
Over 11,000 entries!
LOTs of people are talking about Diet Coke with Bacon!
It's the taste of the new generation!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Brittany Spears Drinks Pepsi

...or DOES she?

Spears was a Pepsi spokes-person for quite a while. Even if you don't remember her commercials you can read the lyrics to her smash hit "Joy of Cola" here.

Earlier this year, a blog reported that Spears gave up Pepsi in order to "Drink 24 cans of Coke a day". I'm not sure that's the 'Coke' we're talking about. Despite debatable authenticity, the blog post can be seen here.

But let's face it, whether you think Brittany is a 'viable celebrity' or a Coke Addicted Train wreck, the bottom line is that some celebrities drink Coke and others drink Pepsi. You can see a list of which celebs drink which sodas here.
The celeb list can also be seen on the Coke vs. Pepsi Squidoo lens.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Christmas Shopping? How about Christmas Soda?

Sigh...what do you buy your Mom on Christmas? In the last5 Christmases, You've already bought her jewelry, flowers, an apron, pajamas and iron, right?

Wait, your Mom is hosting Christmas this year, right? And she's going to need to serve stuff, right? What about Christmas Flavored soda?

And not just ONE flavor...FOUR flavors!

Jones Soda offers a 2007 Christmas Pack! The Four flavors include Christmas Ham Soda, Christmas Tree Soda, Egg Nog Soda and Sugar Plum Soda.

Sounds nutty? Don't knock it 'till you've served it! Mom will LOVE the colorful bottles and the holiday theme. And look at it this way...worst case scenario, she re-gifts it for one of her co-workers later in the month!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

What happened to free refills?

So we go out for lunch today. I get a Reuben and my standard, Coke-no ice-lemon.
The waitress tells me they serve Pepsi here.
Hell, I don't care. I just want a cola that doesn't taste like Gasoline....

So we're more than half way thru lunch and it's hard to get the waitress' attention to BEGIN with...and all I want is a refill. Finally, falling just short of standing on the table and yelling 'YOO HOO! Over HERE!". I get her attention and the refill.

Soon after, we're ready for the check.
Not so suprisingly, that comes a helluva lot faster than the refill.

Geez...this bill looks a bit high. Not 'exorbitant', but still higher than I expected.
I take a quick glance at the check, and there it is:
They charged us for refills.

Look, if I order a BEER, I expect to get charged for each one.
Maybe a buy back if I'm sitting at the bar and I tip well.

But charge me for a SODA refill?!
What do these soda fountain drinks cost the restaurant per serving? A quarter? 50 cents?!
(Hey...seriously. If you own/run a restaurant and you know the answer, be sure to leave a comment!)

Traditionally, I do NOT return to a eatery if they charge me for refills on Fountain Soda.
I even felt 'beat' once because the waiter in Chili's talked me into a second bottle of Creme Soda and then charged me for it...but that was a bottled soda that he served me (I poured it myself, so I know!) so I sorta' gave him a pass.

But Fountain Soda Refills??!?!

It's back to Burger King for me. The refills are always free.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Best Soda Ever? Ask Flikr!

Just for fun I typed into my browser. It took me to a Google Search Directory that listed a "Flikr" page as the #1 entry.
I clicked on it, and all I got was this image you are seeing and an opportuntiyt o comment. The headline to the page was "Sparkling Lemon Beverage".
Well...I guess any sparkling lemon beverage with a photo this clear deserves an entry here at Soda is Good.
It may even earn it's spot at
By the way, Squidoo now has a sister site called the 'Ever' project.
Take a walk over there and see which is the Coolest Soda Ever

Mr. Jones (Soda) and the Seattle Seahawks (Football)

It appears that you can get Seahawks team photos on your favorite flavor of Jones Soda.
(See here!)

Now, of course, you'd have to be a fan Seattle Seahawks fan. (The GOOD news is that they are leading the NFC West. The BAD news is that they are 4-4. That's doesn't speak volumes about their indominable will).

Next, you'd have to be a fan of Jones Soda.
(15 flavors of BottledSoda. Canned Soda, too! 2 Energy Drinks - 1 called WHOOP ASS! 3 Natural Flavored Drinks. I can go on...but you should go see for yourself!)

So, if you are going to sit down and watch a Seattle Seahawks football game, why not do it with a bottle of Jones Soda in your hand? Heck, why not do it with a picture of your favorite player on the bottle?!

In fact, why not go nuts and get the Limted Edition Seahawks Collectors' Pack?!?!
After all, what kind of diehard fan ARE you?!

Jones is a fun soda, and the Seahawks need your support right now.
No, really, right now. Why aren't you calling four of your friends and telling THEM about Jones Soda?

And go easy on the Whoop Ass! You're gonna hurt somebody!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mr. Jones and his Beer...Root Beer.

So, I'm on the Jones Soda website, and I click the 'flavors' link...and what shows up as today's flavor? This big picture of a bottle of Root Beer!

And who is sitting with me at the computer when the picture shows up? That's right, my 6 year old son. (Surely you recall my post about him discovering Root Beer?)

And he's reading the label out loud, to him self.

"Roo...root...Root Beer! Is that Root Beer?"

"Yes it is."

"Poor Cane Sooger?"

"Pure Cane Sugar" I correct him.

"This Root Beer is made with Sugar?" he asks.

"Mmm Hmm. Lot's of it!"

Well, that sure as hell made his day. He asked if he can have some. (we don't have any). Can I go buy some? (The locals stores here in town don't carry it. Jones DOES sell on the internet...). Can we order some? (Not right now, son). Can we order a LOT?! (Isn't it your bedtime, son?)

Maybe I'll print out the picture for him He can use another picture in his room.

Jones Soda will soon appear on Coke vs. Pepsi!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Celery Soda. I'm serious...Celery Soda!

Bleaughgh! ... OK, that's not fair. Some people really LIKE celery soda.

Like, my Grandma's Aunt Martha.

I like Celery...with Ranch Dressing. You know, negative calories and the like. But celerey SODA?

Awwww...come on!

Somewhere in Asia they launched a Cucumber flavoured soda. That was recently.

But Celery soda has been around a long time and it's still around and it's not going away anytime soon it appears. I remember as a kid my Grandfather drank Dr. Brown's sodas...and Celery was a flavour of theirs. (See teh big photo over on the right. That's right. Celery.)
You can, today....right a case of Celery Soda here.
(I don't make a nickel if you do, so click away. In fact, but TWO cases. It's not very popular in these parts...)
Celery soda will NOT be making it's way to the Coke vs. Pepsi lens.
Sorry, Celery...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Coke or Coors? Soda or Beer?

Soda Is Good acknowledges that sometimes we grown ups want a beer.

Sure, many are 'fizzy' like a soda...and yeah, they make you Burp.
But let's face it...a Beer is not a Soda.

Some beers are NOT fuzzy, and yet they still qualify as a 'good' beer.
As a SodaGuy, I say 'bleaughghg'.

Some beers are to be drunk room temperature.
Ever drink a room-temperature Soda?
As a SodaGuy, I say 'YEUCHCH'.

Some beers are dark, and some are light.
Some Sodas are dark (cola) and some are light (Lemon lime)
As a SodaGuy, I say "Root Beer, Birch Beer, Light Beer...can't we all just get along?"

Most beers, when poured, have a 'head' on them..the frothy, foamy stuff that makes a mustache on you when you try to take a sip. My Mom's boyfriend insists that this is the best part of the beer, and guys who pour a beer on an 'angle' to avoid the froth are wussies.

As a SodaGuy, I say, Stuff it, Stan. I don't need a beer mustache to be a man. After all, I have a goatee!

All this being said, there is a great place to rate your favorite beers and a great place to rate your favorite sodas:

Discuss and rate Beer here. (this is a cool site, and the logo is so life-like that it makes me thirsty every time I go there! Visitors beware, Jay knows you like beer!)

Discuss and rate Soda here. (this is a fun site, and if anyone is egging Coke and Pepsi to walk out into the street with their knives and guns drawn, it's them!)

By the way, the answer to my earlier question is "YES...we all CAN just get along!"