Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Tiny Soda Gallery in Texas

Today I surfed around, looking for something to write about, and I came across a blog called The Soda Gallery - All Things Soda.

Well! THAT took me by suprise!
Did they rip me off my idea?
Did I rip THEM off?!
How did THIS happen?!??!

But then I read a bit and I really liked what I saw. The soda gallery is a store in Texas that sells All Things Soda...and what a colelction of flavors they have! Their blog is a nice way to update everyone about what they are doing that's new each day/week.

Some cool things I saw on thier site, by way of example, include Zen Master Lemon Lime (I'm a big fan of all things Zen and Middle Eastern) and Moxie Cream Soda.

I like this Soda Gallery, and I'm excited about showing some support. They are, as they write in their in blog, "...a tiny company with under 10 employees." so they've got to be a nice bunch. They also happily snub their nose at Proposition 65...a silly little law that I would not have known anything about if I hadn't stubled across their website!

They are also regularly looking for returnable deposit bottles of Dr. Pepper. YOu know how I like Dr. Pepper! (Normally, I'd use this next sentence to plulg my love and admiration for my GrandMa. Not today. That would be self-serving and redundant. Giving props to my GrandMa, that is. Gone 3 years now and not a day passes that i don't miss her. But I'm not going to mention her today. Nor will I mention that I am looking at a picture of her on my desk as I write this. Not today.)

So, if you live in the Dallas area of Texas, please make your way over to the Soda Gallery on North Bishop Ave and buy a case or two of something cool and refreshing.
And tell them that SodaIsGood sent you!

Disclaimer - I have no financial ties to the Soda Gallery. They never heard of me.
I'm just a guy who started out chronicling the Coke vs. Pepsi war, after all!
They probably think I'm not even worthy of acknowledging. Like some centipede. Gosh, that's low. And hurtful. *sob*. I'm gonna drink a soda now and sulk...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Soda Break - the Charity of eCommerce

This space is generally reserved for my thoughts and ideas on Soda.
(By the at Taco Bell I broke away from my usual 75% Mountain Dew-25% Sprite combination to drink a Cherry Coke. Actually, my burito was REALLY spicy and I "refilled"...a practice I try to avoid because Cocal Cola makes me burp. A Lot!)

HOWEVER - a friend of mine has undertaken a project that I think is worthwhile and downright 'neat'...and since she likes Soda also, I am using this otherwise hallowed ground to talk about her.

You'll need to go to to follow along. Go there, look around, then come back and read this. allows customers to raise money for their favorite school or non-profit organization…just by shopping!

Now you can raise funds for your favorite school or non-profit organization AND save yourself money while you shop on line, thanks to this new online retailer.

What’s unique about Funds for Us’ approach to fundraising is that every item listed on the website offers a “donation value,” allowing the customer to see exactly how much money from their purchase will be donated to the designated beneficiary.

At the checkout process, customers are given a choice of where they want Funds for Us to send the donation. (Donation values range as high as 25% on several items.) Charity choices include local school programs, animal rescue organizations, social service and environmental groups nationwide.

This innovative website serves as a one-stop source for consumers who want to quickly and easily locate high quality products online while feeling good about their purchase.

“Shopping through Funds for Us helps raise money to assist non-profit agencies who make life better for people, animals, and the environment…and we feel that it helps enhance the shopping experience for the customer as well.” states Jason Colarchik, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We believe that each purchase you make is a vote about how you want the world to be. We hope to help children and adults alike to vote wisely by providing information about causes they may not have even known existed.” sells a variety of products in a wide range of categories, including home furniture and decor, office and pet supplies and garden and gift items. New products are added regularly. The business hopes to position themselves as one of the largest one-stop retail websites that produce the highest donations available.

Site visitors can search for products by price, leading brands or donation values. “We are always encouraging schools and non-profits to register with our site. It is simple, provides no obligation and doesn’t cost them a thing. After they register, they can begin earning funds immediately and will be sent checks on a monthly basis.“ states Colarchik.

Based in Milwaukie, Ore., Funds for Us is a small privately-owned, family owned business with one simple goal in mind: to provide premium products that help benefit worthy causes while offering small-company customer service superior to that found at leading ecommerce sites.

“Too often, a sales experience is ruined by poor or non-existent customer service.” Colarchik explains. “We make you feel good from start to finish. We offer high quality products, we offer the ability to make donations to fabulous charities, and we provide the highest level of customer service.”

For more information about the company or to purchase products, please visit

...and do't forget to visit the BEST site of Coke vs. Pepsi:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

India finds Soda by Accident?

I use Google Analytics to keep tack of the meager traffic I get here.
(Editor's note: I COULD have said that i uze it to keep track of the OVERWHELMING traffic I get here..but find honesty is the best policy).

Anyway, I noticed sometehing unusual today: 11 individuals from the the country of India have come to this blog...but they all spent (apparently) less than 1 second on the page.

So, logic says they clicked on a link, got to me and said (in a thick Indian accent) "Oh NO! This is not very good!" and left.

Oh well. Soda happens.

But since it caught my attention, I thought I would dedicate today's post to the marriage of Soda and India.

You might recall that in the early half of this decade, Coca Cola was accused of using unpure water in their bottling plant in India. You can read a 2008 update from the CokeFacts website here.

HOWEVER, apparently the locals are still unhappy...and protesting!

Wikipedia chronicles the deaths in an Indian Coca Cola plant here.

Depressed? Ok, take a time out and watch this Coke:India commercial on You Tube.

It's not much better for Pepsi.
In mid 2007, BusinessWeek wrote about Pepsi trying to repair it's reputation in India.

Take a time out from this article to watch a "Pepsi India" vid on YouTube.

You like that one? Ok, here is a rather peppy one to add to your colelction.

A google search did NOT reveal ANY articals discussing India compaling about Jones Soda. Doesn't India know that Jones is considered the "Coolest Soda Ever"?!
Sadly, there were no articles bragging about SALES of JOnes Soda in India, either.
Indiana, maybe., but not India.

BTW - here is a groovy, psychedelic YouTube vid of Jones Soda bottles dancing about on the sidewalk.

So what have we learned today?
India hates Pepsi
India hates Coke
India is not too impressed with Jones Soda
India is not too impressed with this blog.

For things that WILL impress you about Soda, go visit our friends at Coke vs. Pepsi

Thanks for your time, and Namaste'

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kung Fu Cola

Jackie Chan...Bruce Lee...Jet Li...

I honestly don't remember what I was thinking last night when it struck me to blog about Kung Fu and Cola. I remember playing with my son...something Kung Fu related I guess...and it struck me to write about Kung Fu and it's involvement (or lack of) with Cola.

So, even thought I cannot remember what my brilliant, Pulitzer-worthy idea was...why waste the effort? I'm sure it will come back to me if I try hard enough.

With that being said, todya I want you to check out these links:

Angleina Jolie and David Beckham star in a Kung Fu Pepsi commercial here.

Kung Fu Quip writes about the cultural differences of Colas here.

Kung Fu Pepsi Short Anime feature is here. (Takes a moment to load, but it's sorta fun...)

The Legend of Coca Cola - Kung Fu! is a cool You Tube vid.

The very enjoyable Jackie Chan Diet Pepsi commercial is seen here.

The Kung Fu Drink Recepie features 7 ounces of Coca Cola and only 2 other ingredients. Still, I think you should only try this if you are a Black Belt at drinking...

Ok, cheeck THIS out - a Pepsi commercial featuring Chinese Boy Band 'F4'.

Here's a You Tube vid called Kung Fu Cola...but I don't get the connection. Maybe it's me.

So, in all, there are plenty of Kung Fu Cola-related pieces of interest out there in cyberspace...but why look for them? You can always come here (or to to find them!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A&W Float...almost spells "Awful"

Ok, so you know my 7 year old likes Root Beer. I bring that up a bit here.
(Like, here.)

So my wife could not resisst when she saw a 4-pack of A&W's "Float" in Target.
(YAY! Target! They sell EVERYTHING!)

Well, the 7 year old liked it. A lot.
The adults were less than impressed.

I'd be inclined to describe it like this: It tased like someone took a bottle of root beer, poured some melted ice cream into it, and then sealed the bottle.

It wasn't "Gawd Awful", but it wasn't refreshing. It wasn't bubbly. It wasn't really tasty. It was sweet. In a 'won't quench your thirst' kind of way.

But while I am an expert on Soda I am not the ONLY opinion in the blosphere.

Observations from the Short Bus has this to say about the A&W Float.

AV Club Taste Test reported results here

Chef Talk makes a mention of it here.

And the Soda Gallery...which is ALMOST as big an authority on soda as I am ! LOL! ... talks it up here.

I realize Root BEet is an acquired taste, but as a good friend once put it: I don't see anything redeeming about putting Ice Cream in soda to begin with...I certianly don't see the point of MIXING it in!

Well, the Seven year old likes it.
I imagine Target will be pleased.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol's David Archuleta makes me mad

I absolutely do not like to listen to David Archuleta sing. If you disagree with me, click here and join his fan club.

"WHO?!". You know, David Archuleta. American Idol. Cute little kid who always looks like he's gonna hyperventilate.

So, you might be asking why a blog about Soda would pick on a kid from American Idol? I promise to draw some parallels as we go along.

First, before I forget, let's not ignore the big cups of Coca Cola that appear in front of all 3 judges every Tuesday Night!

Ok, now back to the skinny kid:

We're in the "Final Four" of this listen. Archuleta has a killer voice...even more impressive given his young age...but week after week after week we've had to listen to this kid croon some syrupy crap that makes the teenagers and grandmas swoon.

(By the way, speaking of syrupy, did you realize that in most cases colas are made as a syrupy concentrate and later the bottlers add fizzy water to them to make them a 'soda'. Sure, it sounds simple, but it isn't. See here.

Anyway, here is my beef with little David: As the competition moves along, I expect for the contestants get out there and Whup Ass! I don't want to hear "crooning". I don't want to hear "Ballads" and "soulful renditions". GIMME THE POWER!!!!!!!

Worst still was the theme of last night's showdown was "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". With all of the 'Rock' songs out there to choose from, he picks 2 ballads. (thanks for murdering a perfectly good Elvis song, David!)

So thanks, Archuleta, for making me sit thought 2 MORE painful, syrupy, sappy songs (I like alliteration). Now go home. There is a church choir or high school musical that can use your talents...but as an American Idol (in the literal sense of the word) you are not the best choice.

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice kid and I don't wish him any real harm...but I don't think an album called "The Best Ballads Ever, From the Cutest Kid Ever!" selling 6 million copies. In other words, this is no Chris Daughtrey you are looking at.

So sit down with a Pepsi Product tonight (Coke got a lot of press here, if you've checked out the links. I'm just being fair) and watch Little David grin and "Golly Gee" tonite. Then ask yourself if he REALLY represents the best music this show has to offer.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Coke. Not scandalous.

Take a big gulp. Lindsay. That 'other' Coke has done nothing positive for your career...unless you like having candid photos of you in car accidents plastered all over the plce.

I'm not a fan of Lindsay Lohan at all. I mean, I'm a guy, so I wouldn't exactly throw her out of bed...but her acting, singing and modeling are incredibly average as far as I'm concerned.(although I kinda liked the Marilyn Monroe stuff she didn. But shen you think about her age it's kinda' creepy).

It's worse for me than for many of my friends because I have an 8 year old daughter, so Disney will often throw the pre-drugs/pre-sex Lohan on as a rerun and I'll have to endure 2 more hours of her.


Actaully, I probably wouldn't be altogether disgusted with her if it wasn't for her spending almost all of 2007 coked up and inebriated behind the wheel of an SUV. In other words, I'd have SOME respect for her acting if she wasn't spending all of last year acting like a drugged up loser.

People who throw promising careers away so they can induldge in drugs don't deserve the accolades, notoriety and press that comes with 'celebrity'.

BTW, if you are a pre-teen girl reading this and whining 'oh, she only made 1 mistake and she went thru rehab and now she's OK again!' then you are reading the wrong blog. 2 weeks of rehab in the Hollywood Hills where you can check yourself out at will is not my idea of rehab. My brother was in rehab in the heart of Pennsylvania...

Anyway, let me tie this to Soda.

If you go to Google and type "Lindsay Lohan" + "Pepsi", you get very little in return that is relevant.

If you type "Lindsay Lohan" + "Coca Cola", you again get more hits, but it's not incredibly relevant to soda.

But ype "Lindsay Lohan" + "Coke" and you get PAGES of content...unfortuantely, it's the wrong kind of Coke. Bad for a soda blog. Bad for an acting career.

HOWEVER, the 2 photos above came from the Linday-plus-Coke search. So I guess Coke really IS it!

Keep drinking Cola, Linday. Maybe if the paparazzi find you less interesting then you'll get some acting gigs again...

In the meantime, visit our friends at Coke vs Pepsi

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coke or Pepsi? Smart or Silly?

I'll often refer to "Coke"+"Pepsi" in a Google search when I am stuck for Blog content. ("Blogtent" I guess...). I never thought about typing "Coke OR Pepsi".

Today I did, and I find 2 items that show up...both very relevant...but both very different.

If you go to you wind up on a cute little page that lets youtake a survey to determine what you are 'like'. (I only got into the first 7 questions I realized that this was sorta' "Girly" you manly men are best to skip this quiz and head over to the 'Yoga for Men' site.

In fact, the site appears to be based on a book called Coke or Pepsi, that can be found on Amazon.

However, if you go to Science Daily, this link specifically, you'll find an article about advertising called "Coke or Pepsi?".

There is also a ... and it's intentions are good (anything that argues Coke vs. Pepsi is cool with me!)... but it seems sorta' high-school-ly.

So it seems you can argue the Coke OR Pepsi argument from all angles...but you can always do it best from

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pepsi Points?! How about Pepper Products!

Some of my friends drink Coke; the others drink Pepsi. But ALL of the them have cups filled with bottle tops, hoping ot earn enough points to get a free soda or a free six back or a free Mariah Carey CD or...

In fact, Pepsi and Coca Cola have been pushing their 'collectables' for years! For GENERATIONS! You can find all kinds of unique Pepsi and Coca Cola collectibles on eBay, and the most 'recent' ones are regularly updated at

But as a Dr. Pepper drinker (my GrandMa turned me on to it YEARS ago!) I used to lament that there were no collectibles for me to admire.

Until now...!

Tool around on Squidoo some more and you'll see the Dr. Pepper Collectibles lens! YEAY!!!!! Who knew there were so many??!!

You can even find an Indiana Jones collectible Dr. Pepper can! HOW COOL!

Find all kinds of Dr. Pepper Apparel at MySimon!

A whole HOST of Dr. Pepper stuff can be found at Giftopolis!

It's not only "OK" to be a you can WEAR Dr. Pepper stuff, COLLECT Dr. Pepper soda cans and SHOWCASE Dr. Pepper antique soda bottles! How cool is THAT?!

Pepsi Points?! No thanks. ANYone can get those!
I'm a Pepper...wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?!