Friday, June 27, 2008

Coke vs. Pepsi will Teach You to be Rich

When I'm not reading about soda...or Pro Wrestling (what did you think about the Draft? Not the NBA draft...the WWE draft.) I'm reading blogs about Leadership and Marketing.

OH! You didn't know I had a Day Job?!

So of course, I took great interest in a blog post that began like this:
"Do you think you could tell the difference between a Coke and Pepsi?

Of course you do.

When I was an RA in college, my residents insisted they could, so I bought Cokes, Diet Cokes, Pepsis, Diet Pepsis, and a generic soda to test them. Of those who tested, every one insisted they could tell the difference.

Only 3 out of 47 could."

The blog is written by Ramit Sethi, and his blog is called I will Teach You to be Rich. You can read the entire post here.

Actually, the post goes on to describe a very interesting book about Psychology and how it relates to Business Decisions.

Did I mention that when I was 15 I took the Pepsi Challenge...and chose Coca Cola?!
I did not go to college with Ramit; this was in front of a Shop Rite in my town.

So, what did we learn today?
1) a college student got the same result at his local college as some Marketing Firms did in their multi-million dollar studies.

2) I was more interested in the WWE 'draft' than I was in the NBA draft

3) Ramit Sethi is an interesting guy...and he can teach you to be Rich!

...and remember - you can read about all things Soda at the Coke vs. Pepsi lens:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Energy Drinks...Kicking Soda's Ass

I'm still drinking Soda and loving every moment of it.

Energy drinks are still taking the market by storm...the market is up over 35% based on some reports I've read recently.

However, I'm too cheap and too hyper to begin with to drink Energy drinks. If you've met me, you know i have a bundle of all-natural energy. If they can can me, I'd be the highest caffinated, highest sugar-content product on the market. (I'd probably taste lousy, though). Don't misunderstand me...I don't take in much caffeine and sugar other than my Soda and Chocolate fixes...I'm just naturally wound up.

What really amazed me today is that there are HUNDREDS of energy drinks out there, and more coming out each week! So other than drinking a Red Bull because your co-worker does (or because it tasted good mixed with Vodka at that last Frat Part you went to...!) how do you know which ones to drink?

Today, I'll share with you some websites I've found that rate Energy Drinks.
Take their advice with your own discretion. Remember, I haven't drunk one yet...

Screaming Energy has a VERY cool web page. The number of cans they show is almost scary!

Energy Drinks Rating has been around since April of 2006, and it's also a supported site.

Energy Drinks Review was last updated LAST month, and they seem to be in a state of transition...but they are worth checking out just so you get a well rounded opinion.

Here's another blog called Energy Drink Reviews. You EDR-ers are gonna have to fight it out on your own for ownership of the name. Personally, I'm diggin' the black background on this blog.

OK, if these 4 sites can't help you wade through the ocean of Energy Drinks out there, then you need to go the route I go and suck down a Mountain Dew for sugar (See it glow in the dark HERE), a Pepsi for contemporary taste, or a Coca Cola for a dose of nostalgia.

Also remember to visit for all things soda.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama Cola! Drink your Vote of Support!

Jones Soda is AWESOME! Whenever I think they've run out of cool things to promote...they find something ELSE to slap on their label!

Are you pleased that Barack Obama won the Democratic Nomination? Do you think he can win the Presidency? Do you think people would buy a bottle of COla if his name and face was on the label?!

Now you can buy OBAMA COLA from Jones Soda!

OR...and I didn't write this in the headline...maybe you are a McCAIN fan?
How about an Ice Cold Republican Soda with Johnny's face on it??!?!

I kid you not!
Click here and drink your vote!

Your purchase is a vote.
Drink your Vote.

Disclaimer - those of you buying Hilary Colas will not neccesarily get her elected...but it's nice to see that you won't give up...!

Brought to you by Coke vs Pepsi