Thursday, September 17, 2009

MILF + Soda is NOT a good mix!

Several months ago I wrote a blog entry called This MILF likes Mr. Pibb. I thought I was doing a nice a stranger some free traffic to her blog...and I have to admit I was interested to see if the 'MILF" term was going to bring additional traffic to MY blog.

Today I was studying some stats and wondered if it was worth trying the MILF tag again in the title. So I visited our friends at Google and searched "MILF" + "Soda".

In my heart I HONESTLY believed that I would find pages of articles, blogs and photos of MILFs discussing or showing off their favorite sodas. I mean, after all, many women believe they are a MILF...some are even told so. And MANY of them drink soda! So since Google can find almost ANYthing (and quickly!) I thought this was going to be a home run and my work would be done in minutes.

Boy was I wrong!

All I got was a handful of links of women doing some pretty graphic stuff with soda cans and soda bottles.


I like beautiful women as much as the next (straight) guy...but if you can get an entire soda can (or bottle!) up there then we have nothing to talk about. Really. But thanks for sharing...!

Pretty funny "MILF + Soda" quote = When you go to Yahoo Answers you see that someone posts the question "Would you consider yourself as a MILF" and one of the answers was "I think I'm an attractive mother. Women who think they are MILFs usually give their babies soda in a bottle."

Good one, Rachel...whoever and wherever you are!!!

(BTW - I had a female friend who told me, in the same conversation, that a) she has low self esteem about her looks and b) she had been called a MILF a few times before. So you know what? She is either lying about 'a' or she is lying about 'b' because never the twain should meet!)

By the way...I know many of you refer to Soda as 'pop'.
(Don't believe me? Check the poll results here.)

When you search "MILF + Pop" the results aren't any better (as you might have guessed!). In fact, the first 10 items on Google are all about a video that Lexi Stone made. No, there is no soda involved and no you should not let your children watch it!!!!!!

So here is what I have learned today:
1 - using "MILF" in your blog title may raise your hit count...but not so much in a Soda blog
2 - giving a MILF free press often goes un-appreciated
3 - tyring to find MILF articles that do not include soda or a penis insertion is near impossible

That's all for today!