Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Third Anniversary Coke vs. Pepsi Top 7 Stories

Happy Belated Birthday!

Coke vs. Pepsi turned '3' last week...and like any bad Father I completely missed it's birthday because I was preoccupied with other things.

But like any GOOD Father, I acknowledged it as soon as I noticed it, drank a cold glass of cola and sat down to research the Top 7 Coke Versus Pepsi stories.

The Top 7 Stories is based on the number of times each page has been visited.
I can confirm fro first-hand experience that a few spammers have found 2 specific blog entries that they like to comment more than others...but a win is a win. There must be a reason why they picked THOSE entries (I'd like to think it was the great writing, gripping stories, fascinating content and witty catch-phrases I use. But who knows...?)

So, Happy Birthday Coke vs. Pepsi!
The Top 7 Stories this blog hosts are:

#7) Coke or Pepsi? Smart or Silly? (5/3/08) - this quick entry talked up 2 other websites that debate the Coke versus Pepsi preference we all have...but we found to be somewhat 'girlie'. I was quite pleased to receive a comment from the site's publisher explaining WHY It was girlie.

#6) History of Coca Cola and Pepsi...and Google! (8/21/07) - this article quantifies and explains the differences of 'Coca Cola' information and 'Pepsi' information when making searches on Google.

#5) Coca Cola Prices Going Up. Pepsi Next? (7/18/08) - and the heels of a price increase, we discuss the options and the consequences of a Cola pricing increase.

#4) 7 Most Relevant Coke vs. Pepsi Stories of the Last Year? (8/20/08) - The debut of our 'Top Stories' list. (yeah, I remembered our FIRST Birthday...every Good Father does!).

#3) Andy Warhol Coca Cola (9/12/08) - Would-be SPAMmers love this entry, which makes me happy and sad. I'd happy that whatever content I shared here gets enough public visibility that SPAMmers think it's worth commenting on. But I was hoping for a higher-brow audience.

#2) Pepsi and Coca Cola Sales Drop Drastically (4/08/09) - There seems to be a correlation between Cola blog traffic and articles about Cola Pricing. Which would speak to the higher-brow audience I alluded to in the above comment.

And the #1 most Relevant Coke vs. Pepsi blog entry as of this writing is.....

#1) The History of Coca Cola Prices (9/29/08) - High-brow audience wins again!!! Glad to see the most visited blog entry was something that didn't have the word 'MILF' or 'Dude' in the title!

I always enjoy compiling this list each year and looking back on how much traffic this blog gets.
Sure, it would have been nice for some '2010' posts to get on the list, but it's been a busy year and perhaps I just need to put more thought into future posts this year.

Next post should be titled "The History of Coca Cola Pricing Increases and the Google Searches about Pepsi Sales Decreasing that are equally Relevant"

...or something...!

Friday, September 3, 2010

No one cares about Concrete Resurfacing

I understand that some people will spam the 'comments' section of a blog in order to promote their own products and interests. It's just a fact of life that bloggers have to deal with.

I'm fortunate that no one can comment my blog unless I approve the comments first. As a result, you'll find SodaIsGood to be spam-free.

I is happy. :)

Usually a spammer will try once...maybe twice...and then give up.
Good for "learning"!
If once you don't succeed...go pester someone else.

HOWEVER...some dufus who runs a Concrete Resurfacing site has been trying ENDLESSLY to get his comments on this blog!

Want to know his website URL?
No Chance.
But I can tell you it's doesn't end with a "dot com" or a "dot net" if that helps.

AAAAAANYway....I was thinking about how I could have him contribute to THIS blog without giving him any credit or any publicity. And then it dawned on me.

(drum roll please....)

Go to Google...look up "Concrete Resurfacing + Cola"...and what do you get?

Today's blog entry will talk about Cola Stains on concrete!

www.ConcreteNetwork.com is a great site and shows the Cola-colored stain made by Kemiko here.

www.RockinJConcrete.com shows the Kemiko colors (including Cola!) here.

www.CompleteStoneServices.com is a very thorough site...and if you scroll halfway down the page you can see all of their stain colors. Cola IS shows, and while it's not listed as a Kemiko brand it seems to me that the colors shown with it are also Kemiko. Check it out here.

Just who IS Kemiko?! Check out www.Kemiko.com!

www.ConcretePolishing.com has great information on how to CLEAN concrete that has been stained. Let's assume you spill a can of Pepsi on your concrete patio, or a can of Coca-Cola on your sidewalk. These are the guys to go see.

So what is today's lesson?
Today's lesson is that if you continually spam this blog I will heavily promote your competitors!

Drink soda and enjoy the Labor Day weekend!!!