Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coca Cola to Hydrate the Poor Children

Simon Berry has an interesting idea.

He suggests that Coca Cola use a small portion of their distribution muscle to help deliver medicine and nutrients to the poor children of the world. His epiphany was that you can by a Coca Cola virtually anywhere in the world, yet children are dying of dehydration in these same corners of the world.

Simon Berry is not confrontational and he is not picketing Coca Cola's offices with an angry mob.
(By the way...I still can't find an update on KillerCoke's efforts from earlier in the month!)

His idea has caught fire, as you can easily 'Google' other blogs talking about his efforts.
Here are a few that I caught right away:

On Kate Andrews, here.

On Groves Media, here.

Simon's own Blog, here.

Personally, I've never been one of these people who thinks that Big Business is/should be responsible for healing the ills of the world...yet this does not mean that I don't like his suggestion. In fact, I DO like the suggestion...I'm just not joining any coalitions or the like and I'm not going to protest Coca Cola (neither is Simon).

Just yesterday, over a '2-parts Dr. Pepper and 1-part Coke' I was discussing an interview I read with Jim Skinner, the CEO of McDonald's. His view was 'we provide choices for the world, and they are adult enough to make those choices.' You know...he offers French Fries and he offers Apples. It's up to you which you want to eat.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with Simon Berry and his idea to have Coca Cola help distribute medicine...I was just drawing the parallel that Big Business is often asked by the public to solve social issues, and each company/CEO has their own way(s) of reacting to the request.

(Simon's blog details the replies he has gotten when contacting Coca Cola with his idea. Here is an example.)

If my conversation about Jim Skinner is not a big enough example, how about the fact that a good friend of mine runs a company that works very hard to raise money for the poor children of Uganda? You can read about 1Shop's efforts here. They are not a Big fact they are a Small Business...but I think Simon would be pleased!

The bottom line is this: whether you think Big Business has a social responsibility or not, it's encouraging to know that we citizens are THINKING about these things. We're SHARING these ideas. We're TALKING about them and PUTTING THEM INTO MOTION. No one likes a whiner or a complainer. But people who can articulate good ideas and try to make hay out of them are local heroes.

Thanks you, Simon Berry, for thinking about helping the sick and the poor.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coca Cola and some advice on Bouncing Back

I read a lot. I read a lot abot management and leadership. I read self-help stuff. Not the 'talk you down from the ledge' type of stuff...but the stuff that makes you more successful and more productive.

What does this have to do with Soda?

I was reading Steve Farber's Extreme Leadership blog today, and he was reviewing a book called Bounce Back by Karen Salmansohn. Karen allowed Steve to print an excerpt from her book about how to deal with failure and career adversity.

Early in the exceerpt, she quotes Roberto Goizuetta. Who is Roberto Goizuetta? Why, he was Coca Cola's most successful CEO, that's who! (and readers of the blog would know that because I sing his praises any chance I get!)

Anyway, Karen Salmansohn talks about Goizueta stating:
Roberto Goizueta, Coca-Cola's CEO, says the risk-taker mentality is the very reason he hired back the guy who launched New Coke--a huge marketing failure. Goizueta recognized how you can become uncompetitive if you're not tolerant of mistakes. In fact, if you let 'avoiding failure' become your motivator, you¹re going dangerously down the path of inactivity.
"You can stumble only if you're moving," he says. So if you recently stumbled and fell in your career, re-focus on how your risky thinking makes you more knowledgeable. Own the positive lesson learned --as proof you are an outside-the-box valuable thinker. See work failure as 'fullure'--full of many lessons.

SEE?!?!? This is why Goizueta was my hero. (Although smoking 3 packs of day and dying of Cancer before the age of 60 is not exactly what I want my legacy to be....).

You can read the entire article about Karen's book here.

You can read more about Steve Farber here.

And can find the Coke vs. Pepsi Cola Wars lens here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad Dog! Pepsi Commercial (Video)

My friend Rosella found a cute Pepsi commercial that she wanted to share.

I hadn't seen this one's very clever, and not very long.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Killer Coke 0, Killer Pepsi 2

I've checked all over Google and all over the Killer Coke website, and I have yet to find an update on the New York City protest. Maybe 3 people showed up, maybe 30...but I am guessing there were not enough people to garner any kind of reaction from the press.

Speaking of the press, It's my personal opinion that Barach Obama gets MUCH more press coverage than John McCain...but I've always found the press to be incredibly liberal. Both offer a pretty good Soda.

Ok, back to Cola and Killers.
(Great band, by the way, but not relevant to this discussion...)

Despite not being able get much information on the recent endeavor by KillerCoke, I did find two YouTube videos featuring Killer PEPSI!

You can find Killer Pepsi...the revenge story, here.

You can find Killer Pepsi Clown here.
(Damn Clowns. They're scary even when they aren't trying to be scary! In fact, Wikipedia has a listing for 'Evil Clowns'. What does THAT tell you?!)

I'm going to try to reach out to Killer Coke to see what transpired on Tuesday, but if you see a CLown coming after you with a Pepsi really oughta run!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Killer Coke - a Strike and a Protest

I was supposed to blog about this LAST week but I got caught up!
If you live in New York, you still have an hour to do your part.

What am I talking about?

*Gasp* *Pant* Ok, let me slow down.

There is a website called KillerCoke.
This site is dedicated to stopping the murders and kipnappings...along with other violence, mind you...of Union Leaders involved with the Coca Cola bottling plants in Columbia, South America.

If you check out the website, you'll see there is some serious isht going on there!

Well, at 3:00 today, Teusday July 22nd, the folks at KillerCoke are organizing a protest at at 711 5th Avenue, New York City. The protest begins at Coca-Cola and will later march to Oxy Petroleum, which is located 1230 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 800, New York City (between 48th & 49th Streets).

I couldn't find any information on why they are not down with Oxy...but if you are a large Oil concern in South America you're probably doing something uncool...

In talking about the effort to get the attention of two of Coca-Cola's top policymakers and serve on Coke's board of directors, the website mimsspells the last name of Coke's former Preident and COO . I don't know how badly this will affect their credibility. I mean, if you've got the address right you're off to a good start.

(Of course, if you think you have a clever sign that says "Die Donald Deough!" your clever alliteration will be less than humorous. In fact, the people INSIDE the building will be saying 'Donald WHO?!?!?'. The correct spelling of his last name is here.)

I will certainly monitor the KillerCoke website and report back tomorrow with any results they share...but if you attend the rally (or has a friend that does) please leave comments and let us know what transpires!

This blog is often brought to you by Coke vs. Pepsi....but it seems today Coke has a biger fight on it's hands than Pepsi!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coca Cola prices going up. Pepsi Prices Going up next?

I was SURE I read yesterday that Coca Cola was raising their prices this Fall.

Maybe it was on Comcast?

I checked into it on Google today, and there are only a handful of articles, and they are all pretty vauge. In a nutshell, HeadQuarters say they are down about 20%, the bottlers claim that they are losing money, and so we are all going to see the prices go up.

The Moms at were talking about it here.

They also discuss some great USES for Coca Cola...other than

(How come there is not a list for 10 great uses for PEPSI? Isn't it still COLA??!?!)

When are Prices going up? - After Labor Day.

How much? - No one is saying yet.

So what does Pepsi do?

They can:

a) keep their prices where they are, and hope to capture market share. OR

b) raisee their prices TOO, much like the way Gas Prices all go up in unison in your town.

But is strategy 'A' a viable one? Would it 'matter'?

In 99% of the restraunts you go in, you don't get a 'choice'. They serve Coke or Pepsi, and you take a tall cold glass of whatever they've got.

In the grocery stores, you DO have a choice...but so much of the public has already made up their mind as to what they prefer. Will people pay a little more for Coca Cola? Sure they will.

Will they pay a LOT more for Coca Cola before switching to Pepsi?

Well, that remains to be seen, right?

What is the 'walk away' price on Coca Cola? Coke fans, especially in the South, have been incredibly loyal. At what point do they say 'AH, hell. It's just a cola!" and switch to Pepsi.

And to the earlier point, if Coke and Pepsi drinkers are both brand Loyal, couldn't the Blue Brand raise THEIR prices too...enough to be less expensive than Coca Cola but enough to squeeze out some more profit points?

Afterall, if Pepsi can win the profit margin war, they can reclaim their greatness in the Coca War, like Roger Enrico did in his book from 1986. Has it really been more than 20 years since the Cola Wars got personal?!

Both teams have been pretty demure as of late as far as the 'war' is concerned...but an opportunity for Pepsi to announce that they've become more profitable could not only reignite the fires, it could reignite the marketing campaigns.
What is YOUR walk-away price on Coca Cola?
Is there a price that would make you loyal COke drinkers switch to Pepsi?
(Coke and Pepsi continue to fight it out at

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indiana Jones and Dr. Pepper and an Excellent Adventure

A friend sends me an e-mail that touts the Mega Promotion that Dr. Pepper is doing in conjunction with Indiana Jones.

Actually, sent it to me. Rudy was just nice enough to reccomend me.

(I mean, what are friends for, right? I last talked up Dr. Pepper here, and I last saw Rudy here.)

So now, it's not enough that I drink Dr. Pepper when I go to Burger King. (I even follow their advice and add 1 part Coke to 3 parts Dr. Pepper. They call it a Gold Rush or some such). Now I have to buy CANS of the stuff and drink it...copy down the code...head over to the website...

Well, if I win, I'll let you all know.

*sigh* I wish Grandma was here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Drink a Soda with John McCain!

Last month, here on Soda is Good, I announced that
Jones Soda was offering soda cans adorned with the likenesses of Barach Obama, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton.

I didn't put any real 'push' behind any particular candidate, but it seemed that Mr. Obama led the league in "sodas consumed by supporters".

(The original blog post, which has gotten a lot of traffic at this blog, can he seen here.)

But what does this say about Cola drinkers? Are they particularly supportive of the Democrat Change Agent? Or maybe die hard Republicans are just too busy to order a cola online?

Maybe John McCain supporters perfer Coca Cola? Or Pepsi?

Perhaps McCain supporters just prefer to open up a can of Whupass?!

Perhaps the McCain versus Obama debate is not much different than the age old 'Coke versus Pepsi' battle?

McCain supporters, prove me wrong! Grab yourself a can of McCain Cola from Jones Soda and show your support! Don't be one of a million uncounted votes!

This campaign cola message was brought to you by Coke versus Pepsi, and we approve of this message. By contrast, we do NOT approve of you who purchased Ron Paul campaign cola. Yes, I'm serious. Ron Paul campaign cola...

Socially Responsible China Cola

I've found a new "hobby" of sorts. Ok, maybe it's an 'interest' as opposed to a 'hobby'.

I'm 'interested' in companies that spend a portion of their profits on charities and other socially-responsible issues.

I tried to find a cola that fit this model. I have to admit, it took a little time.
(one book I read just KILLED Coca Cola for being Socially IRRESPONSIBLE...but it gave mid-to-high marks to Pepsi. This isn't gloating. I was actually SURPRISED. I won't publish the name of the book or the author until I get some more information for you.)

So let me tell you about China Cola.
It's put our by a company called Reed's Ginger Brew.

It first glance, it looks like a socially responsible tea company...since they 'brew' their beverages. A particular Socially Responsible Tea company is Honest Tea. We'll cover them another day, since today we're talking about Cola.

Hmmm...maybe it sounds more like a BEER company!

But read closer. Their website says: "Long before modern soft drinks existed, people brewed their own beverages. In the Caribbean, home brewed ginger beverages are a part of life. Reed’s brews six carbonated and four non-carbonated juice and ginger combinations using only the finest ingredients. The six carbonated flavors are: Original Ginger, Extra Ginger, Premium Ginger, Raspberry Ginger, Cherry Ginger and Spiced Apple."

So far, that Ginger sound quite Yummy...!

By the way, you can read about Ginger here, and you can read about Ginger Rogers here.

Ok, but I dug a little deeper and found their China Cola.
(did I mention that I REALLY like Chinese Food? I really do. This is an unrelated point, but I wanted to share it anyway.)
Since it's a Cola and not a Citrus Beverage, it gets it's own page on the Reed's website.

I figured, I'd have to dig REALLY far to FIND China Cola...but if you click on their Store Locator you'll see that it's offered all OVER the place!!!
(Which means I am off to buy some this week and write a review on it!)

But let's get back to being Socially Responsible.

Now, I don't want to lie or even exaggerate.
Reed's does not donate profits to Cancer Research, nor do they nurse homeless people back to health and then employ them.

But, on their site they mention "Reed’s Ginger Brew is dedicated to supporting non-profits and community based organizations that are noted for their contributions to the community and unique events. Below is a partial listing of some of the events that Reed’s Ginger Brew has supported in the past."

You can read that list here.

Socially Responsible Cola!
Just what I was looking for!

So go to your local health food store, grab yourself a pack of China Cola (and maybe some Roast Pork Lo Mein...!) and know that you're drinking something that does something good!

Brought to you by Reed's Ginger Brew, and our friends at Coke vs. Pepsi

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beverages Direct Super List bats .500

I was looking for a list of 'Eneergy Drinks', since they have been the rave as of late. (Do you know I have not tried a single one? It's true. I'm already pretty wound up. I don't think extra caffeine and/or sugar is going to do me any good.)

In my studies, I came across a website called Beverages Direct.

I don't think I've ever seen a longer list of non-major-brand-beverages all on one page!

HOWEVER...I did some spot checking and I found a little less than half of the items on the list are 'Out of Stock' (like Jeff's New York Egg Cream...which sounded especially yummy) or even had a blurb that said 'No Products Available' (Like Jolt Cola. They still make Jolt, right?!)

So it's a pretty impressive list...and will give you a great opportunity to check into some brand names you might not have heard of before. (Did you know there is a Big Red soda?! It tastes like Bubble Gum, not Cinnamon gum...but Beverages Direct has it. I found out there is a '!' soda too, but they don't have any products listed under the heading...)

So think of Beverages Direct as a trip to the arcade. Some games work, some don't. But you'll find some classics and some all-new things you didn't know existed!

Remember to go to Coke vs. Pepsi to read up on the more 'traditional' Colas...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pepsi Claims the World's Heavyweight Title

Sure, you hate it when I talk Pro Wrestling...but this one was too obvious to pass up.

Last night on WWE's "Monday Night RAW", CM Punk won the Heavyweight Title. Why sis this soda-worthy? Because those who know Punk know he is an avid Pepsi drinker.
(as evidenced in my previous blog post, here.)

Pro Wrestling fans - if you have only learned about CM Punk through watching the WWE, you missed out on his best work to day! Find all the work he did with Ring of Honor and you'll see that he was a SUPER star there.

Soda drinkers - the Pepsi Challenge lives on! Is this a tounge-in-cheek way of saying Pepsi is the king of sodas? Has Pepsi toppled Coca Cola? Is the traditional soda still more lovable than the current rash of energy drinks?

Coke and Pepsi continue to slug it out at