Monday, June 29, 2009

The Death of Soda, or the Death of Readership

I know I don't post every day, but I try to post once a week.
And luckily enough, there are enough "soda related" things happening in the world that there is always something to share.

Something serious, like Pepsi Prices Going Up or Protests Against Coca Cola

Something silly, like a video called The Death of Pepsi. Or two.

Even Business news, like the profitability of Making Your Own Soda or this new Purple Soda company.

So here is the concern, if you will...
Readership is down. WAAAAY down.

Content issue? I don't think so. I've been posting the same soda-related drivel for almost 2 years now. It's not like my content has 'gotten worse'.

Frequency issue? Again, I posts once a week, try to keep it fresh, and keep it to relevant topics.

In fact, I'd say the 'tools' I use to promote the blog...from Facebook to choosing the right BETTER than it was a year ago.

So why the drop?
Maybe it's not ' this blog' related?

Are people drinking less Coca Cola and Pepsi than a year ago?

Are people looking up soda-related terms less frequently than they were a year ago?

Are people reading blogs (in general) less frequently than a year ago?

Believe me, I'm not going to stare to death if readership drops below 10 a day...but I'm INCREDIBLY curious why it would change.

In the meantime, remember...there's always the Dusty Rhodes Mello Yello video!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The smartest Coke machines on the Earth

Coca Cola is about to debut a self-serve drink dispenser that pours more than 100 varieties of soda, juice and flavoured waters!

The Freestyle drink dispenser will appear in Atlanta (obviously!), Salt Lake City and Orange County , CA by the end of the summer...but the long range plan is to have tens of thousands of them in McDonald's and Burger Kings nationwide.

You can read all about it in the article in InformatioWeek. That's what caught my eye and I was super impressed with it! (so much so that I called there and asked about serving as a national installer for the line!)

You think you have enough choices when you buy fast food NOW?! Imagine being able to order one of ONE HUNDRED different beverages!

And how clever is Coca Cola?! Instead of putting new flavors in cans and bottles and hoping you'll buy can now try a new flavor for the $1.49 you were going to spend at the burger joint ANYWAY.

Why is this clever?! Because these new machines are smart little computers. Coca Cola can see how many units of 'New Flavor' is selling. And in what cities. And in what quantities. And how many a day.

Maybe Coca Cola can do something clever with Jay-Z's version of Cherry Coke. Or make Coke with Lime more popular. Or suddenly compete with Dr. Brown's Celery Soda!

There's a big world of mini computers out there...and Coca Cola has certainly cornered the technology and put it to work.

Try some new flavours this Summer!
Comment here about them...and at Coke vs. Pepsi!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adult Cola sites - NOT for kids!

Ok, so a few months ago I 'sold out' and wrote a cola article that had a 'MILF' theme to it.
I feel bad. A little bad. A tiny, tiny bit bad. Whatever.

So today I noticed that I hadn't posted in a bit and traffic is down.
So, what better way to get a hot post back on than to use the MILF theme again?

Yeah, but who knew what I'd FIND?
You type "MILF" and "Cola" in Google and find all KINDS of stuff, like. - no clue what his 'theme' is. There WAS a post about the porn industry and someone way down commented something about MILF...but in all the site seems to just reach out at topics. - PORN SITE! Do not click unless you are willing to explain to the people around you why you are looking at naked women. Period. Hell, you think 'I' sold out?! He even has a coca cola bottle in his logo!!!!!

...and the rest is 'either or' stuff. Like 'MILF" is in one article on a blog posts and 30 articles earlier was an article on the 50th Anniversary of the Coca Cola 600 (car race. As in NASCAR).

When you think about it, and innocent correlation between a young lady in the MidWest and Mr. Pibb soda is NOTHING compared to HellCola and MatureCola.

Leading me to ask...what have YOU been drinking?!??!

neither Hell Cola or Mature Cola appears at Coke vs. Pepsi....