Thursday, July 22, 2010

A can of Sandwich to go with your can of Soda

I was looking at the home page of one of the news-sites that I read when I saw a story about what I THOUGHT was 'sandwich-flavored soda'. Of course it immediately grabbed my eye.

But at second look I noticed it was a sandwich INSIDE of a soda can!

Amazingly eerie and cool at the same time!

The article is here.

The sandwiches will come in cans that resemble soda cans, and will keep it's contents fresh for up to a year. From Peanut Butter sandwiches to BBQ Chicken sandwiches...the plan is to make it easier for busy mommies to feed the kids when they are on the go.

(Scroll down the article and read the 'comments'. A great debate brewed over whether it was nutritiously better to eat these 'Canwhiches' or go to McDonald's.)

Sandwich in a can sounds weird?
What about the goofy flavours that Jones Soda provides?
In fact, remember their Holiday Ham flavour?!

Listen...the astronauts have been eating packaged food for YEARS, and they are healthier than a marathon runner! Sandwhich in a Can will definately catch on. Afterall, people still eat Spam. ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coca Cola accused of using Porn in marketing campaign

MAN! All you need is one small person to make 1 small mistake and you have 1 BIIIG problem on your hands.

Unless you are Coca-Cola.

A recent marketing campaign in England combined Facebook and some naughty little minds.
Apparently, a mommy was none-too-pleased by a passing comment and went into a rage.
And now it's news.

You can read the story here.
I WILL forewarn you that this is another case of a small instance getting blown up into a big issue.

And remember...there is no 'bad' press when you are a multi-million dollar company envoking marketing ideas!