Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Little Bottles of Dew

Man I just LOVE this stuff!

I know it isnt good for me...but I really, really like it...!!

Ice cold, it beats a beer some days.
And it's smoother than a Cola...carbonated but not fiercely.

Do the Dew!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's All About the Soda, Baby!

 So, how well do you think THIS ad would fare today?


Man I would LOVE to see the faces on some parents thumbing thru "parenting" magazine if THESE ads popped up!  :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost Jealous of that Pepsi Paper!

I got "mentioned" on Twitter today.  (@Defmall)

I was somewhat taken aback because it doesnt happen much, and almost NEVER by strangers.
(I usually have to initiate the conversation)

So I looked to see who was calling me out, and it's @BrockmanRichie
 Never heard of him.

But he mentioned me because he put together one of these free, online newspaper pages.
His is all about Pepsi Cola  (and apparently there is a connection to Nicole Ritchie)

From an SEO-standpoint, this page ROCKS.
It mentions Pepsi, Michael Jackson, Blanket, Nicole Ritchie...
and for Pepsi-specific content, Its putting this blog to shame. LOL!

Half of the page is in another language that clearly is "Spanish" but I dont want to guess the dialect wrong.    (If you read the page and know the answer, please comment the blog and let me know!)

Any, mad props to the Brockman...his family member Nicole...and his Pepsi Page.
It's the page of a New Generation!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jones and the Scary Sodas

*sigh* well, it's that time again....!

With Halloween right around the corner, Jones Soda has it's new scary flavors popping up!

Surely you are familiar with Jones Soda?
The guys who let you Private Label your own beverages?!
The guys who create all KINDS of flavors...even HOLIDAY flavors?!

Well..I'm walking through Target last night, and I see:

Mr. Jones has apparently decorated for Halloween!

Here, let me give you a better view:

Crazy flavours for this crazy time of year!

If you are hosting a Halloween party...or you're just tired of generic colas....seek out Jones Sodas for Halloween and live it up a bit!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Say Hello to my Little Friend

The guys wanted to go out to eat lunch yesterday, instead of ordering in.
Hell, we were slow due to the Columbus Day Holiday, so I was ok with it.

We walked about 5 blocks to an "authentic Mexican restaurant"
Read: It wasn' Taco Bell.
(No disrespect there. I like Taco Bell...!)

Anyway, we each ordered an entree...and since I knew It was going to be hot (both temperature hot and spicy hot) I made sure I ordered a Coke with it.

Ans since we were noshing on chips an salsa while WAITING for said entree, I was pleased to see the waitress bring our sodas right away.

Well...I was pleased until she got there.

Being an 'authentic' Mexican restaurant, they brought my Coke in an authentic, glass, bottle.

But if you look closely, you'll see it wasn't much larger than the salt shaker!
Which means they charged my over $2.00 for a lot of glass and a little soda.
Which ALSO means no Free Refills.

So I nursed my Little Coke for as long as I could.

Then, instead of ordering another Coca sin hielo  I had to ask for a vaso de agua

That's what I get for being authentic.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Very Sanitary Refil

Some time ago I lamented how a fast food restaurant would not refill my soda.

Which restaurant?  Roy Rogers.

(How could such a congenial cowboy not give free refills? Right?!)

Well, let me tell you about their change of heart...

Due to the fact that my son and wife feel they have the best Roast Beef anywhere, I have been unable to completely boycott Roy.

So once and again they talk me into going back.
Begrudgingly, of course.

So yesterday we were there....and it occurred to me that the young lady taking my order was rather nice. Uncharacteristically nice given my past experiences here.

While it's been a long while since my LAST bad experience, the soda fountain is still behind the counter...so you still have refills on lock down.

Or do you?

I took my empty cup to the counter, found the smiling young lady and innocently asked "Do you refill here?"

"Oh of COURSE." she smiled.

I handed her my cup, and she looked a little concerned for a moment.

"Just take the lid off of it for me, please." she replied.


I took off the lid and she smiled again and refilled my soda.

Handing it back to me she said 'It's a sanitary issue. We dont want to touch the lid or the straw."

Ah! Ok, I GET that.

So Roy...while I lambasted you in the past for poor refill procedures, I commend you today for your new policies. The cleanest, most sanitary refill I've ever experienced.



Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Healthy Sodas?

Online I found a post from Rodale News that discusses Healthy Sodas.

I could not, for the life of me, determine when the article was written, so I decided instead of google each of the 9 sodas they recommended to just to see if ANYthing came up!

Steaz Sparkling Green Tea - yep, you can find the Steaz website here.  And not only do they offer a sparking green tea, but they also have broken into the "energy drink" market.

Reed's Light Extra Ginger Brew - yep, found it here. Unlike traditional "Ginger Ale" sodas, Reed's prides itself on all natural and much less sugar!

Virgil's Root Beer - ok, waitaminit!  Virgil's sodas show up on REED's website, here.  You'll also notice that it's the ingredients, not the high calorie count, that put Virgil on this list. By the way, did I mention that my son loves Root Beer?

Bionade - this is a German beverage, and I have to tell you...the name alone is awesome. I dont care WHAT flavor it is, I want to try it! The website, sadly, was in German. Well, sad for ME since I cannot read German. But I DID find this recent article which I thought was pretty interesting.

Oogave - Man these names get better and better! The website is here and the flavor list is incredibly delicious!

GT's Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha - Ok, theory blown. The name is too long and I have no idea what Kombucha is. Sounds complicated. I tried to open the website that Google offers.  (www.Synergydrinks.com   YOU try it....!) but no avail. But I DID find it on Amazon.  You will notice that   a) it is very expensive and  b) the reviews were evenly mixed. That is, evenly spread over a score of 1-5....

Hot Lips Soda - FINALLY! Something as cutting edge as "Jones Soda"! All natural, and look at the flavor list.  based on seasonal fruit, this list changes periodically.

Fizzy Lizzy - ahhhh.... saved the best for last.  Just fruit juice and soda water. What's not to like??  Look at the flavors!   Refreshing AND good for you!

You will notice, by the way, that none of these "healthy sodas" boast a Cola.
I guess you can only put so much caramel and corn syrup in a beverage before it's not healthy anymore...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Personalized Coke Bottles

So, I lurk around Twitter.
You'll never find me...because you won't know how to look for me.
But I'm there.

I follow all KIND of folks.
Successful Power Brokers....high school seniors....Pro Wrestlers....
My tastes are wide.

Today I saw a tweet from Mark Benioff
You know - the Sultan of Salesforce.

He shared this tweet and this pic:

A trade show as big as Dreamforce should indeed feature personalized Coke bottles, right?
SUPER choice of a sponsor.
(Unless, of course, you're a Pepsi drinker)

But someone right away asked where THEY can get personalized Coke bottles.

So I thought I'd share the answer:
Simply click here and you are on your way to having YOUR name or event on Coke bottles.

Suddenly, Coke is sponsoring YOU.
(or you, them, if you think about it....)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Not going Back in Blak?

The article on MSN was called 10 foods we'll never get to eat again and somewhere in the middle of the article was a reference to Coca Cola BlāK.

This variation on Coke was flavored like coffee, but it didn't last long. In fact, it only had a public life of two years: 2006 to 2008. 

(Blak was first introduced in France, but by Spring of 2006 it launched the United States and by Summer in Canada.)

So what was Blak about? 
Blak was a coffee-flavored cola.

And it only lasted 2 years?!

Here we are in 2014 and you'd think a coffee-flavored beverage would FLY off the shelves.
(Pun not intended).

I mean, aren't there all KINDS of iced-coffee beverages in cans and bottles in YOUR grocery store?

Sleek looking bottle, popular flavor, mega-powerful manufacturer/distributor...wouldn't you think Blak should be back?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Does this count as a Comeback?

I read to day that the soda Surge is making a comeback.
You can read that too, here.

Surge is Coke's version of Mountain Dew.
And if you know me you know I loooooooooooooove Mountain Dew.

In fact, I have a can with lunch 5 days a week, and a can with Dinner (roughly) 5 days a week.
Sure, it's not very healthy...but I drink water the rest of the day, so it's cool.

But the further I read, the more concerned I got.
The Author START by saying "Surge, the cult-favorite citrus soda still beloved by many, is making a comeback."

But later in the article it says "Coca-Cola has decided to bring it back, available exclusively on Amazon.com. (Though when we tried to order some on Monday morning, the site seemed to be sold out...)"

That's not much of a comeback, is it?

I've notice that Coca Cola machines are showing up in some fast food restaurants.
You know..the ones that let you select from DOZENS of flavours.
Why not put Surge in THESE and test the market that way, instead of advertising a comeback and not having inventory?

Being that Surge is green, and tastes like Mountain Dew, I am ABSOLUTELY going to buy some when it comes back around.

But for now...I think we have a lot of waiting to do.