Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obama is running away with election and Soda Sales

Barak Obama is making John McCain look like a doddering old man. Not only are his presentations in the presidential debate more inspiring and motivating, but sales of Obama Campaign Cola are beating down sales of John McCain's cola.

If soda sales were as reliable a poll as Gallup's post debate polls, Obama would be up 2-to-1.

Of course, that's based only on the sales reports that come from this blog.

Historically, the 'soda buying market' is NOT a demographic used to measure political power...and Campaign Cola may be too small a niche' to be a reliable measure. In fact, it may beg the question: are Liberals simply bigger soda drinkers? Perhaps Scotch or Whiskey market speaks to the Conservative crowd?

Which political party sponsors Whoopass?
The Democrats, who support the 'modern-ness' of energy drinks, or the Republicans, who support 'finishing the job' the Iraq?

The election is not until November 4th, but you can tilt the tide in your favor by drinking your vote! Perhaps Gallup Polls will turn their attention to the oft-ignored 'Campaign Cola' movement!

Brought to you by our Friends at Coke vs. Pepsi!

If you've read this far and want to drink your vote for the oft-ignored Ron here!

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