Friday, January 16, 2009

Will rising Coke and Pepsi prices force alternative sodas?

Soda prices are rising along with everything else in this economy. When you look at your budget, and try to figure out how you will make ends meet this month, will you have to start cutting out some of your 'vices'?

I have friends who crack open a Pepsi as soon as they get out of bed. By the time they are in the office, they are on their third soda.

With soda prices rising, how important is that soda to you?
If it IS important, does it have to be a Pepsi? Do you insist on Coca Cola in your home? Do you look at store brand soda and sneer?

When I was single, I bought store brand often. The rule was 'all flavors OK except their Cola.'
And no root beer. I just didn't like root beer. But it was a low cost way to keep soda in the house, and it worked for me.

Now, there are other low cost ways to keep soda in the house...and these days you even get control over what the soda tastes like. (As I alluded to above, store brand cola just tasted lousy to me.)

See here:

Make fresh seltzer as fizzy as you like it for just 17 cents a liter with a Soda-Club seltzer maker! No more schlepping, storing and recycling cases of bottles from the store. Soda-Club carbonators make 110 liters before exchanging door-to-door.

You control the taste, you control how much you have, and your costs are controlled with this major cost reduction.

Some people simply will not give up soda. Now you don't have to.

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