Monday, March 9, 2009

Simon Berry and the Coca Cola Facebook Group

You'd think that I owe Simon Berry money and use my blog to pay him off in face time.
Not true.

But I DO report when he does something that can potentially be powerful...something like talking to Coca Cola about saving the World's here goes:

Simon Berry has put together a Facebook group in an effort to spread the world about his ColaLife project.

Simon says, "Please will you join the ColaLife Group AND consider inviting all of your friends? We were getting nowhere with this idea until this group was formed and now we have the attention of the powers that can make it happen. Thanks.".

The facebook invitation is here:

Simon believes that there is an opportunity to get ColaLife INSIDE the G20 Summit but, they'd need to be nominated and the group is working on getting that accomplished.

Imagine...using Coca-Cola's power of distribution to send MEDICINE and SUPPLIES to the world's impoverished children! (Like they need soda...!)

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