Monday, July 13, 2009

Cola (life), Twitter (mob) and a Rally!

My pal Simon Berry is using the power of Twitter (as well as Facebook) to get the message across.

This Friday (17/7/09), 3pm Trafalgar Square, he and his team of ColaLife supporters will be gathering in Trafalgar to celebrate ColaLife and see the giant aidpod take its rightful place on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square!

Simon has been encouraging the use of Twitter to get the message out, and gives some pointers on the best way to go about it here.

Personally, I HATE Twitter and find it to be a garbage app.
HOWEVER, if enough people use it for a common cause...and reach out to a large pool of people...then at least it's being used for something powerful and meaningful.

(as opposed to some recent 'tweets' I've seen like "Beautiful day in Denver!" or "Going to Taco Bell for a Fourthmeal. Yummmm....")

You'll be able to watch them live (pronounced LIE-v, not LIH-v) here:

The ColaLife website is awesome!
It's dedicated to getting Coca Cola to use their power of distribution to provide medicine and water to the Third World poor (as opposed to just sending soda....)

It's a powerful message with a lot of good behind it.
Even if you cannot be in Trafalgar Square to lend your support, I hope you'll check out their website.

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