Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coke, Pepsi and Cholesterol

I had my Cholesterol checked today.
Yeah, I do that every 10 years or so.
Good to stay on top of it. ;)

It's almost exactly where is was 10 years ago.
Only a few points above 200...and I have MUCH more 'good' Cholesterol than 'bad'.

 I guess all that Taco Bell hasn't killed me yet.
And Being an authority on soda hasn't ruined me either.
At least not yet.

Side note:  I used to always mix up HDL and LDL, but a girl once gave me some great advice about how to remember which is "good" and which is "bad". Ready? HDL = Helpful Dudes Laughing. LDL = Lazy Dudes Laughing.  When it comes to the things going on inside your body, do you want your cholesterol atoms and molecules to be Helpful or Lazy? Riiiiiiiiight...

But while it's fun to snub my nose at the health nuts and say 'look at ME. I'm FINE!' I suppose it's fair to give them a fair say. After all, I'm NOT in the majority. My good health is an anomaly. (Maybe I'm an alien. Not like the yellow sun gives me powers or anything but...)

SO...since it's 'Check your Health' day, I bring you:
1) What Soda Does to your Body - personally, I think the article is a cross between 'Scanners' and mass-scare-tactic...but her intentions are good.

2) 1 Daily Soda may boost Heart Disease - what?!?! Don't let this medical journal scare you off! Everything in moderation, right?!

3) Can Diet Soda increase Cholesterol Levels - ok, well you can blame DIET soda...I don't drink diet soda. But still, stop blaming the can of pop, will ya?!

Drink Soda, Enjoy Life.
It's not like we're Jimmy Dean or something...

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