Monday, February 2, 2009

Soda and SuperBowl

Pepsi's "McGruber" commercial got mixed reviews at our SuperBowl party.

Personally, I LOVED it...and part of the reason is because I know the character and the shtick from Saturday Night Live. I'm even a little embarrassed to admit that I ALWAYS laugh at the McGruber skits.

I also liked the appearance by Richard Dean Anderson in an god-awful 'worst of the 80s' wig in the commercial! Not sure what I liked better, the awful wig or him burying his face in the steel door when he figures out that McGruber is a 'tool'.

A majority of those in my home who didn't laugh at the commercial admitted to having not ever seen the skit on SNL before. Not that it makes it any 'funnier', per se, but at least you get where the commercial is going if you know the routine.

There were also mixed reviews over Coca Cola's "bugs steal a soda" commercial. My daughter and I thought it was 'clever'. My wife altogether didn't get it. I don't know that there was anything to 'get'...but she didn't like it. I don't think she liked the game either, so what does she know...?

Collectively, NONE of us liked the Coca Cola Soda Shop commercial. You know..the one where everyone on the street turns into a video game character. Bleughghg.

If you don't recall that one, you can see it here.

If you want to see the Coke vs. Pepsi website, click here.

If you had a favorite soda commercial during the SuperBowl...leave a comment! :)

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JennyK said...

You need one of these for any Superbowl Sunday party