Tuesday, August 21, 2007

History of Coca Cola and Pepsi...and Google!

Did you know there are roughly 24,000 pages of content on Google under the search "History of Coca Cola"?

Did you know that there are roughly 12,000 pages of content when you search "History of Pepsi"?

That's not to say that Coca Cola has MORE history ... or even a more INTERESTING history...but there definately seems to be a difference in how much interest the public has for each.

Anyone who's paid attention to the Coca Cola company knows that "Coke" is treated like a religion in the South. There are museums and books and shops of Coca Cola collectibles.

That brings us to an even BIGGER gap:
Type "Coca Cola Collectibles" in Google....then Type "Pepsi Collectibles".

75,000 pages for Coca Cola
856 for Pepsi
Some difference!

A big reason as to why there are so many more pages for 'Coca Cola History' is because you have to include the history of the collectibles. There is also, obviously, a bigger story to tell.

Pepsi is a beverage...and a very good one.
Coke is a lifestyle. A religion. An Icon.

Neither is neccesarily 'better'...but significantly 'different'.

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