Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coke or Pepsi? Smart or Silly?

I'll often refer to "Coke"+"Pepsi" in a Google search when I am stuck for Blog content. ("Blogtent" I guess...). I never thought about typing "Coke OR Pepsi".

Today I did, and I find 2 items that show up...both very relevant...but both very different.

If you go to you wind up on a cute little page that lets youtake a survey to determine what you are 'like'. (I only got into the first 7 questions I realized that this was sorta' "Girly" you manly men are best to skip this quiz and head over to the 'Yoga for Men' site.

In fact, the site appears to be based on a book called Coke or Pepsi, that can be found on Amazon.

However, if you go to Science Daily, this link specifically, you'll find an article about advertising called "Coke or Pepsi?".

There is also a ... and it's intentions are good (anything that argues Coke vs. Pepsi is cool with me!)... but it seems sorta' high-school-ly.

So it seems you can argue the Coke OR Pepsi argument from all angles...but you can always do it best from

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Fine Print Publishing Company said... is kind of girlie because it's a companion site to our popular Coke or Pepsi? book series. We publish interactive books for girls and our companion sites are meant to be an extension of the fun in our books.

We have actually removed those little polls and have instead added a printable page of 20 Coke or Pepsi Questions to share with friends instead.

You'd also be amazed by others who find our Coke or Pepsi? books quite useful. See 20 Questions for Your Date.