Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy Anniversary to ME

Well...not to "me" per se.
To the Blog.

I haven't been here in a while, and when I looked at the blog today I realized that our anniversary month is...AUGUST!

Is that Karma or WHAT?!

So here is the update on Soda:

1) I still drink a lot more water than I do soda. I drink a lot more Iced Tea than I drink soda. Come to think of it...I drink very little soda.


2) I am still FASCINATED with soda!   The colors!   The brands!   It's one of life's fun little treasures!  We ALL know Coke and Pepsi...but when I come across a brand or a soda I never heard of before, it ALWAYS makes me smile.     😁

Its OK to love things that aren't good for you. Think of some of the people you've dated in your past!
Soda is never going to win any Health awards ... but as long as it's colorful, ice cold and fizzy, it will always be a winner in the "Generated Most Smiles" category.

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