Monday, September 24, 2007

Pepsi, a kitchen aid, and some bad marketing

There is a product I use to keep my kitchen more organized and more efficient. Well, let me correct that. The product keeps ME more organized and more efficient, I use it in the Kitchen because that is where all the activity is. It's called a FridgeMate, and I bought mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can see it here:

There is ALSO a product that makes it easier for you to fish Pepsi cans out of your refridgerator. It's a rectangular box that already has 12 soda cans in it, and you open it on an angle from the short side. It sounds complicated, but you see them everyday in the SuperMarket. It's called a fridgemate, and you can see it here:

Now, here is what cracks me up:
I LOVE my FridgeMate (kitchen organizer), but no one I know has heard of it!
EVERYONE loves thier fridgemate (soda can retrieval), but no one I know knows it's called that!

So we have 2 great products with 1 great name that 0 people can identify.
We have 1 Soda Heavyweight and 1 Office Products lightweight and 0 recognition for their product.

That's irony at it's greatest.
I'm gonna go drink a Coke and mull it over...

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