Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Police and Pepsi..Copeland and Coke

I am a Hyooge fan of the Police. Not the men who patrol the street looking for criminals but rather the Rock Band. You know 'Sting' and his group...

Huge fan. I went to Giant Stadium last month to see their reunion show in New Jersey. GREAT show! I then went out and bout Andy Summers biography "One Train Later". While reading it, I recalled that I had Sting's biography also, and read portions of it to see if the 2 bandmates shared the same sentiment on topics.

By the way, before I get on to the History of Coca Cola and the like, let me mention: I am MORE than willing to sell both biographies. Not that I don't like them, but I find that after I read a book I out it away in a closet somewhere. If YOU want to read these, e-mail me at and we'll work out something. The Any Summer's book is only read once; the Sting bio twice.

But let's talk soda.

Would you think the member of the Police would particularly prefer 1 cola over the other?

Let's do the famed Google Soda Search and see...

If you search "Police" and "Pepsi" you see a ton of links about the Police playing at the Pepsi center. Yeah, we went thru that with Billy Joel a few weeks ago, so let's press on.

If you type "Sting" and "Pepsi" you find out that Pepsi is releasing the Sting Energy Drink! Canit be?! Can our favorite bass player be endorsing Pepsi's attempt to usurp the Red Bull Market?!!?

Sadly, no. The word 'Sting' was around long before Gordon Sumner started wearing his black-and-yellow soccer shirt on stage. Sorry boys, this is more about the bees than the bass.

However, in a 1999 interview I found, Sting was quoted as saying "One of the most joyful things humans can have is sexual union...I take sexual love very seriously. I don't treat it like a Coca-Cola or a hamburger. It demands a certain amount of ritual and seriousness. As well as fun."

OK. So maybe a Coca Cola is low on his list of 'quality beverages'...?

OK, well...there are 2 other members of the Police!

"Stewart Copeland"+"Coke" turned me on to a lot of cool blogs, albeit nothing about Stewart snorting or drinking coke.

"Andy Summers"+"Soda" ...nothing. NOTHING of interest.

Folks, the experiment has been carried out and the results, while not official, are in" The Police don't like Soda Pop.

Now e-mail me if you want to buy a book...

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