Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama Cola! Drink your Vote of Support!

Jones Soda is AWESOME! Whenever I think they've run out of cool things to promote...they find something ELSE to slap on their label!

Are you pleased that Barack Obama won the Democratic Nomination? Do you think he can win the Presidency? Do you think people would buy a bottle of COla if his name and face was on the label?!

Now you can buy OBAMA COLA from Jones Soda!

OR...and I didn't write this in the headline...maybe you are a McCAIN fan?
How about an Ice Cold Republican Soda with Johnny's face on it??!?!

I kid you not!
Click here and drink your vote!

Your purchase is a vote.
Drink your Vote.

Disclaimer - those of you buying Hilary Colas will not neccesarily get her elected...but it's nice to see that you won't give up...!

Brought to you by Coke vs Pepsi


Anonymous said...

ya obama rules coke is awesome!!!!!!!

AsiaVoss said...

Well...I agree with HALF of your statement. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!