Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Readers Prefer Andy Warhol Coca Cola

There has been an overwhelming response to our Andy Warhol Coca Cola article.
It's often our most-visited page.
(Some weeks it battles back and forth with our article on Coca Cola prices rising).

What is so pleasantly surprising is that I did not think Warhol would still be in such demand in this decade. His art, while popular at it's time, today seems simplistic to the point of nonsense.
100 Coca Cola bottles? Campbell's Soup cans?

The age of Grunge Music worked hard to "un-do" much of the love and simplicity that came out of the 60's...and while the grunge movement collapsed under it's own morbidity and lack of structure (when you stand against everything, you stand for nothing) a lot of the 60's influence suffered.

It's sort of like revealing the man behind the curtain. (a Wizard of Oz reference, of course). Sure, he's a nice enough guy...but now the magic is gone.

And yet, here we are in 2009 with people still REGULARLY searching information on Andy Warhol. And Coca Cola! And his Coke bottle art.

So...is art timeless? Are 3 Coke Bottles as interesting today as they were 30 years ago?

Or is it SODA that's timeless? Are people intrigued by this 'art' from the flower generation...or are they intrigued that Coca Cola was considered 'art' at all?

And who ELSE has made art from Coca Cola bottles and cans?
And why has it not reached the level of prominence that Warhol's work has?

Soda is Good.
Is Soda 'art'?
The majority so far seems to think so!

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