Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coke + Pepsi + Red Bull = Purple

Years ago, I used to invest periodically in Mutual Funds and individual stocks. about twice a year the Investor's Daily Business Journal would offer me a free 10-day subscription...which I would always accept and then at the end of the 10 days I'd tell them I had no interest in subscribing.

The down side is that now once a week I get mail from someone's Penny Stock newsletter, alerting me to some new stock that's about to make everyone a Jagillionaire.

Yeah, right.

99% of them I throw into the garbage without even opening it. However, last night I got one and the envelope intrigued me. It said, in so many words, that Coke was a once a Big Money stock, and Pepsi was once a Big Money stock...and now 'Purple' is a Big Money stock.

Yeah, right.

But this was about SODA, and you know I like I opened it up and read a little.

I don't believe in penny stocks and I'm not going to suggest you buy this stock. I'm not going to give you the stock symbol or tell you why this stock is poised to go thru the roof. In fact, 'Purple' is NOT a's a beverage, like Grape Juice or Yoo I'm probably not going to think twice about it after I get done typing this.

HOWEVER, there WAS a soda-related fact that makes Purple a little interesting: A good portion of Purple's management comes from Pepsi, Coca Cola and/or Red Bull!

According to the newsletter I received:

Michael Lorelli, who is credited with building PepsiCola East, is Purple's new Strategic Marketing Advisor.

Michael McKee - who played a big part in building Coca Cola's Fuze Beverage brand, has joined Purple.

Dan Morelli, Keith Reilly, Marc de Grandpre and Lou Aceto...all former Red Bull marketing executives...have joined Purple.

You are probably asking 'what IS this Purple??!? Has Prince started a beverage franchise?!'

Purple is a juice that combines the acai berry with 6 other antioxidant-rich juices. You've heard of the acai berry, right? Oprah has singing it's praises a while back and then everyone went out and either bought some or started a beverage line based on it's juice.

Sure, acai and other anti-oxidant berry are the rave now, so Purple has a good-enough chance to survive it's use of first-round funding. Will it's stock make you rich? Time will tell. In fairness, I'll check the ticker price again in 6 months and give you an update.


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