Sunday, November 4, 2007

Celery Soda. I'm serious...Celery Soda!

Bleaughgh! ... OK, that's not fair. Some people really LIKE celery soda.

Like, my Grandma's Aunt Martha.

I like Celery...with Ranch Dressing. You know, negative calories and the like. But celerey SODA?

Awwww...come on!

Somewhere in Asia they launched a Cucumber flavoured soda. That was recently.

But Celery soda has been around a long time and it's still around and it's not going away anytime soon it appears. I remember as a kid my Grandfather drank Dr. Brown's sodas...and Celery was a flavour of theirs. (See teh big photo over on the right. That's right. Celery.)
You can, today....right a case of Celery Soda here.
(I don't make a nickel if you do, so click away. In fact, but TWO cases. It's not very popular in these parts...)
Celery soda will NOT be making it's way to the Coke vs. Pepsi lens.
Sorry, Celery...

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