Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Does this count as a Comeback?

I read to day that the soda Surge is making a comeback.
You can read that too, here.

Surge is Coke's version of Mountain Dew.
And if you know me you know I loooooooooooooove Mountain Dew.

In fact, I have a can with lunch 5 days a week, and a can with Dinner (roughly) 5 days a week.
Sure, it's not very healthy...but I drink water the rest of the day, so it's cool.

But the further I read, the more concerned I got.
The Author START by saying "Surge, the cult-favorite citrus soda still beloved by many, is making a comeback."

But later in the article it says "Coca-Cola has decided to bring it back, available exclusively on Amazon.com. (Though when we tried to order some on Monday morning, the site seemed to be sold out...)"

That's not much of a comeback, is it?

I've notice that Coca Cola machines are showing up in some fast food restaurants.
You know..the ones that let you select from DOZENS of flavours.
Why not put Surge in THESE and test the market that way, instead of advertising a comeback and not having inventory?

Being that Surge is green, and tastes like Mountain Dew, I am ABSOLUTELY going to buy some when it comes back around.

But for now...I think we have a lot of waiting to do.

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