Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Healthy Sodas?

Online I found a post from Rodale News that discusses Healthy Sodas.

I could not, for the life of me, determine when the article was written, so I decided instead of google each of the 9 sodas they recommended to just to see if ANYthing came up!

Steaz Sparkling Green Tea - yep, you can find the Steaz website here.  And not only do they offer a sparking green tea, but they also have broken into the "energy drink" market.

Reed's Light Extra Ginger Brew - yep, found it here. Unlike traditional "Ginger Ale" sodas, Reed's prides itself on all natural and much less sugar!

Virgil's Root Beer - ok, waitaminit!  Virgil's sodas show up on REED's website, here.  You'll also notice that it's the ingredients, not the high calorie count, that put Virgil on this list. By the way, did I mention that my son loves Root Beer?

Bionade - this is a German beverage, and I have to tell you...the name alone is awesome. I dont care WHAT flavor it is, I want to try it! The website, sadly, was in German. Well, sad for ME since I cannot read German. But I DID find this recent article which I thought was pretty interesting.

Oogave - Man these names get better and better! The website is here and the flavor list is incredibly delicious!

GT's Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha - Ok, theory blown. The name is too long and I have no idea what Kombucha is. Sounds complicated. I tried to open the website that Google offers.  (www.Synergydrinks.com   YOU try it....!) but no avail. But I DID find it on Amazon.  You will notice that   a) it is very expensive and  b) the reviews were evenly mixed. That is, evenly spread over a score of 1-5....

Hot Lips Soda - FINALLY! Something as cutting edge as "Jones Soda"! All natural, and look at the flavor list.  based on seasonal fruit, this list changes periodically.

Fizzy Lizzy - ahhhh.... saved the best for last.  Just fruit juice and soda water. What's not to like??  Look at the flavors!   Refreshing AND good for you!

You will notice, by the way, that none of these "healthy sodas" boast a Cola.
I guess you can only put so much caramel and corn syrup in a beverage before it's not healthy anymore...

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