Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Personalized Coke Bottles

So, I lurk around Twitter.
You'll never find me...because you won't know how to look for me.
But I'm there.

I follow all KIND of folks.
Successful Power Brokers....high school seniors....Pro Wrestlers....
My tastes are wide.

Today I saw a tweet from Mark Benioff
You know - the Sultan of Salesforce.

He shared this tweet and this pic:

A trade show as big as Dreamforce should indeed feature personalized Coke bottles, right?
SUPER choice of a sponsor.
(Unless, of course, you're a Pepsi drinker)

But someone right away asked where THEY can get personalized Coke bottles.

So I thought I'd share the answer:
Simply click here and you are on your way to having YOUR name or event on Coke bottles.

Suddenly, Coke is sponsoring YOU.
(or you, them, if you think about it....)

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