Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost Jealous of that Pepsi Paper!

I got "mentioned" on Twitter today.  (@Defmall)

I was somewhat taken aback because it doesnt happen much, and almost NEVER by strangers.
(I usually have to initiate the conversation)

So I looked to see who was calling me out, and it's @BrockmanRichie
 Never heard of him.

But he mentioned me because he put together one of these free, online newspaper pages.
His is all about Pepsi Cola  (and apparently there is a connection to Nicole Ritchie)

From an SEO-standpoint, this page ROCKS.
It mentions Pepsi, Michael Jackson, Blanket, Nicole Ritchie...
and for Pepsi-specific content, Its putting this blog to shame. LOL!

Half of the page is in another language that clearly is "Spanish" but I dont want to guess the dialect wrong.    (If you read the page and know the answer, please comment the blog and let me know!)

Any, mad props to the Brockman...his family member Nicole...and his Pepsi Page.
It's the page of a New Generation!

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