Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Say Hello to my Little Friend

The guys wanted to go out to eat lunch yesterday, instead of ordering in.
Hell, we were slow due to the Columbus Day Holiday, so I was ok with it.

We walked about 5 blocks to an "authentic Mexican restaurant"
Read: It wasn' Taco Bell.
(No disrespect there. I like Taco Bell...!)

Anyway, we each ordered an entree...and since I knew It was going to be hot (both temperature hot and spicy hot) I made sure I ordered a Coke with it.

Ans since we were noshing on chips an salsa while WAITING for said entree, I was pleased to see the waitress bring our sodas right away.

Well...I was pleased until she got there.

Being an 'authentic' Mexican restaurant, they brought my Coke in an authentic, glass, bottle.

But if you look closely, you'll see it wasn't much larger than the salt shaker!
Which means they charged my over $2.00 for a lot of glass and a little soda.
Which ALSO means no Free Refills.

So I nursed my Little Coke for as long as I could.

Then, instead of ordering another Coca sin hielo  I had to ask for a vaso de agua

That's what I get for being authentic.

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