Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Very Sanitary Refil

Some time ago I lamented how a fast food restaurant would not refill my soda.

Which restaurant?  Roy Rogers.

(How could such a congenial cowboy not give free refills? Right?!)

Well, let me tell you about their change of heart...

Due to the fact that my son and wife feel they have the best Roast Beef anywhere, I have been unable to completely boycott Roy.

So once and again they talk me into going back.
Begrudgingly, of course.

So yesterday we were there....and it occurred to me that the young lady taking my order was rather nice. Uncharacteristically nice given my past experiences here.

While it's been a long while since my LAST bad experience, the soda fountain is still behind the you still have refills on lock down.

Or do you?

I took my empty cup to the counter, found the smiling young lady and innocently asked "Do you refill here?"

"Oh of COURSE." she smiled.

I handed her my cup, and she looked a little concerned for a moment.

"Just take the lid off of it for me, please." she replied.


I took off the lid and she smiled again and refilled my soda.

Handing it back to me she said 'It's a sanitary issue. We dont want to touch the lid or the straw."

Ah! Ok, I GET that.

So Roy...while I lambasted you in the past for poor refill procedures, I commend you today for your new policies. The cleanest, most sanitary refill I've ever experienced.



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