Thursday, August 20, 2015

Happy Anniversary, Soda IS Good!!

Today marks yet another year that this blog has been kicking around in cyberspace.

Sure, it's quirky and niche'....but whenever I see a can of soda somewhere my first thought is "can I blog about this???"

I never told Mrs. Soda about this blog, and one day last year it sorta came out.
She said to me "Who ARE you?! You blog about SODA?!?! I never knew that!!!"'s a deep, dark secret.
I mean...Soda?!

 Here's the irony.
Here's the deepest, darkest secret:
I drink very little soda these days.

I got back in the gym in March and it's been 80% Water, 10% Iced Tea and the remaining 10% is Soda.
Unless it's a Sunday when Football is on.
Then it's about the Beer!

But I love soda.
I love all the flavors and colors and styles and brands.
I love discovering a new brand I never heard of before.

I mean...Chocolate Mud Pie soda?!   Mmmmmmmmmmmm
And Chocloate BACON Soda??!!   #Weird
Or Blumer's 16 pack?!    #Awesome

Yeah, there is more than just Coke and Pepsi out there in the World.
And I keep finding it.

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