Thursday, October 1, 2015

Return to Five Guys

For no pre-planned reason at all I stumbled over a blog entry I wrote YEARS ago about my trip to Fie Guys Burgers and Fries.

And, of course I documented all the soda-interactions I had.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have written it ... right?

Well, since I accidentally revisited the blog post, I should tell you what happened when I revisited the restaurant.

Driving home from basketball practice 2 weeks ago, I asked my son and his friend if they'd like to stop at Arby's.   (this is because THEY had basketball practice. I didn't).

They were on the fence about Arby's and when we stopped at a traffic light they saw 5 Guys and petitioned to go THERE.

I really, really wanted Arby's to be honesy.
But I'd not been to Five Guys in some time, (maybe only once or twice since the blog, to be honest) so I relented. After all, it was the friend's favorite place to eat so I wanted to come off as "the coolest dad ever".

We got inside, and I don't see any prices on the Giant Sized Menu behind the counter, so I said the "Coolest Dad Ever" thing.
I said "Go ahead and order whatever you want. Just please eat whatever you order."

As I recall, the order looked like this:
Son = Burger, fries, Soda
Friend = 2 Burgers, fries, Soda
Dad = 1 burger, 1 hot dog, soda

Bill = $57.90

FOR LUNCH!??!?!?!?


Well, on the INSIDE I said "ah hell no"
On the Outside I glared at my son and just...paid it.
After all, I'm the Coolest Dad Ever.

I'm also the broke-est dad ever.
I ALSO set a new rule with my son.
We can go to McDonald's if we want a hamburger...

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