Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maybe Soda is NOT so Good?

I this day and age it's not an incredible new or earth shattering question.

But it TASTES so good!
And if you look at brands like Bacon Freak and Blumer's Premium you will see flavours you never heard of before, but probably want to TRY!!

That being said, this infographic from  a U.K. pharmacist named Niraj Naik has apparently gone viral, and that might leave some soda drinkers concerned.  Or curious.

I've blogged previously about healthy sodas...sodas that do not have such a high sugar content.
Zevia makes a pretty good Ginger Ale.   and a good Cream Soda, too!

What I think the info graphic is lacking, however, is the fact that this information is being given in a vacuum.. What if you ate a lot earlier?  What if you have a high tolerance for sugar spike?  What if you traditionally have a LOW blood sugar count?

Is this the results of one can of Coke "always"...or for folks who usually don't drink soda...or for folks who drink it daily??

Remember...anything in moderation is OK.

Except rudeness.   ;)

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