Sunday, April 27, 2008

4 Cokes, 3 Guys, 1 Reunion

On Saturday Night, I got together with 2 friends from HighSchool. Very close friends, one of whom I had not seen in 20 years.

We met a Bennigan's on Midland Ave. Rudy and I used to hang there once in a while, but again, it was 20 years ago.

It was important that I did not get inebriated because I didn't want to forget a single thing anyone said or did. As a result, I drank what we call a 'Boomer': Coke, No Ice, Lemon. (And if you've read this blog before you've probably read that a time or two!)

We talked about a ton of stuff, for over 7 hours. Here's a quick run down:

JC has a MySpace page dedicated to Heavy Metal (He's a big Alice Cooper fan, and he and I played in a band together on and off for several years.

Rudy is a big Celtics fan.

We spent a LOT of time talking about Star Wars. So much so, that I Started looked around to see if anyone was pointing at us and giggling. BTW - none of us are sterotypical Star Wars nerds. We just like good stories.

Of course, we talked about all the hot girls from High School...especially the Big Chested ones. (WHOA! Don't click THAT link! I was being 'clever' and it isn't safe for children!)

We talked about Marriage as well as dating I'm married; they are dating.

We talked about websites where you can meet single people . (I had a bad experience once with this. JC didn't. He met his soul mate).

I drank 4 HYOOGE Cokes that night (or were they Pepsis?!) and wound up having to pee all night. Not cool when you are enjoying a 20 year reunion. Of course, since we hung out for 7 hours, that's only once every 90 minutes. For some reaons I did NOT remember to brag about this blog...or the Coke vs. Pepsi lens. I'm not a very good self-promotion-ist.

Our waitress was terribly cute. She is going to the same college I went to. Only I'm 20 years older than her.

JC mentioned that he had attended a yoga class with a cooky ex-girlfreind. I did yoga for a while, but didn't mention it. I DID do the Yoga-for-Men stuff, not pilatges or anything...

Whenever I got a chance, I talked about Pro Wrestling. That wasn't incredibly often. Of course, I didn't brag about my Pro Wrestling Lens OR the Ric Flair Shrine I built. I suck.

The most important thing was that for 7 hours the conversation never lulled. We never looked at our watches and wonder how to break the party up. We actually went outside and talked for another half hour. Goodbye Sucks, too.

The plan, of course, if not to have to wait 20 years to do this again.
We hope to do it again, soon.
We hope to have Sushi instead of Bennigan's.

I hope to have 4 more Pepsi's...or were they Coca Colas?

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