Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tall Cool One

Digging thru my collection of CDs last night and I find Now and Zen by Robert Plant.
WAAAAAY cool album. Great mix of all kinds of stuff.

While my favorite track was "Heaven Knows" I remembered how popular "Tall Cool One" was. Not only was it catchy and Pop-py, it sampled some old Jimmy Page licks from the work he did with Plant in Led Zepplin.

If so far none of this makes any sense to you, then you were obviously born AFTER 1980...in which case I feel a little old; but hey, it's your loss. That was some awesome music.

But now back to Soda:

One OTHER reason why "Tall Cool One" gained noteriety is because Plant allowed the song be used in a Pepsi commerical. Hell he APPEARED in the commercial. For you young-uns, it's considered taboo to 'sell out' and have your music appear in commercials. For we capitalists, it's considered good business and we applaud you!

Quite frankly, Pepsi made a good choice. Not only is the tune catchy, but I always think of a Pepsi as a Tall Cool one, don't you? (Or maybe the better way to phrase it is: The visual of a Tall Cool Pepsi is refreshing and delicious!)

What other kinds of Tall Cool Ones are out there, and are they equally refrehsing?

Zoe Dean has a best seller called Tall Cool One. You can see it on Amazon if you click here.
I don't know if it's considered 'refreshing'...I'll have to read it.

Would Dennis Rodman have been considered a Tall Cool one? What about Shaquille O'Neil?

The Coke vs. Pepsi lens wants your vote as the Keeper of the Tall Cool Ones. You oughta check it out.

My personal, favorite Tall Cool One?
Geena Davis

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