Monday, April 14, 2008

Ric Flair, Four Horsemen and Pepsi Points

I really believed I cornered the market on finding things that combine Pro Wrestling and Soda. I mean, between the Dusty Rhodes Mello Yello Video and the CM Punk loves Pepsi posts, I HAD to have covered all of the majors!

But alas...there is more treasure to unearth!

The Four Horsemen DVD (Featuring Ric Flair! WHOOOOOO!) is available on Amazon. Well, so is everything on Earth, really. But if you look at this etnry I found...right smack in the middle of the page...are the very words "This product available with Pepsi Points!"

I gotta keep drinking!

I imagine I'll have to drink a LOT! No one gets much for their Pepsi Points unless they've drank...and burped...a whole lot!

But if I can indulge in one of my favorite beverages...and THEN use the soda caps to watch Ric Flair (WHOOOOOO!) in his greatest moments!....then how can I (BURP!) refuse?!??!

See the very Best of Ric Flair HERE:

See the very Best of Soda HERE:

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