Friday, April 18, 2008

Spanish Coca Cola for Mi Amigos!!!

Today, a very nice guy told me how much he liked this blog. He then asked me to look at HIS blog.

Well, how could I not? After all he looked at mine.
It seems that he reviews Digital Cameras. Sounds nice enough.
One small problem (for me)...his blog is written in Spanish.

Still, why not promote it? After all, he had nice things to say about my blog!
If you like Cameras, and you like to read Spanish, click here.

So, today we will celebrate the Spansish speeaking world of Coca Cola.

Today on NPR I read that Mexico slaps a monster-sized fine on Coca-Cola. NO MUY BIEN!

Like Spanish Speaking Babies? How about this You Tube video about a baby's First Time drinking Coca Cola?

Ok, maybe babies aren't your thing? How about just different aged couples enjoying a cold coca Spanish.

See? Even if you do not Habla Espanol, you will see that there is a whole world of Spanish SPeaking COca Cola lovers out there!

Buena Noche....

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