Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Tiny Soda Gallery in Texas

Today I surfed around, looking for something to write about, and I came across a blog called The Soda Gallery - All Things Soda.

Well! THAT took me by suprise!
Did they rip me off my idea?
Did I rip THEM off?!
How did THIS happen?!??!

But then I read a bit and I really liked what I saw. The soda gallery is a store in Texas that sells All Things Soda...and what a colelction of flavors they have! Their blog is a nice way to update everyone about what they are doing that's new each day/week.

Some cool things I saw on thier site, by way of example, include Zen Master Lemon Lime (I'm a big fan of all things Zen and Middle Eastern) and Moxie Cream Soda.

I like this Soda Gallery, and I'm excited about showing some support. They are, as they write in their in blog, "...a tiny company with under 10 employees." so they've got to be a nice bunch. They also happily snub their nose at Proposition 65...a silly little law that I would not have known anything about if I hadn't stubled across their website!

They are also regularly looking for returnable deposit bottles of Dr. Pepper. YOu know how I like Dr. Pepper! (Normally, I'd use this next sentence to plulg my love and admiration for my GrandMa. Not today. That would be self-serving and redundant. Giving props to my GrandMa, that is. Gone 3 years now and not a day passes that i don't miss her. But I'm not going to mention her today. Nor will I mention that I am looking at a picture of her on my desk as I write this. Not today.)

So, if you live in the Dallas area of Texas, please make your way over to the Soda Gallery on North Bishop Ave and buy a case or two of something cool and refreshing.
And tell them that SodaIsGood sent you!

Disclaimer - I have no financial ties to the Soda Gallery. They never heard of me.
I'm just a guy who started out chronicling the Coke vs. Pepsi war, after all!
They probably think I'm not even worthy of acknowledging. Like some centipede. Gosh, that's low. And hurtful. *sob*. I'm gonna drink a soda now and sulk...

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