Friday, August 22, 2008

128 cans of Coca Cola and Pepsi and $10 to Charity

What if you loved Pepsi and Coke so much that you went out and bought CASES of the stuff? How would you keep it nice and cold? Fill up the fridge? Where would you keep your eggs and milk then?!

What if you were having a party and you knew all of your friends liked Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew...and you wanted to have the coldest sodas available at a moment's notice?

My friends at sell the 128 Can Danby Beverage Center.
(Sure, you can keep Jones Soda in it, too. But I don't think anyone buys 128 cans of Jones Soda at once...)

The Danby Beverage Center has 3 'full' shelves and 1 'half' shelf...and it's only 3.3 Cubic Feet in size. You can hold a LOT of soda here, in a small space.

But why buy it at Funds for Us?
Two reasons why:

1) Because they sell the item at $89.00 less than suggested retail, so you get it on sale and save almost $90.00
2) Because every time they sell one, they donate $10.47 to YOUR favorite charity. That's right, not a charity of THEIR choice. A Charity of YOUR choice.

So you throw your party, and you have lots of guests who are all very happy because their Diet Coke and A&W Root Beer is nice and cold. YOU are happy because they all showed up...and because you saved $90.00 on the Danby Beverage Center...and because you donated more than $10.00 to a worthwhile cause...

So now the Pepsi vs. Coke war can be waged at your party, by your favorite friends.

As we always say: Soda is Good...but an ICE COLD soda is REALLY Good!

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