Friday, August 8, 2008

Win a Free XBox 360

I wasn't going to blog today, as I have a lot to get done in a short period of time, but I found a soda-related website that is advertising that through buying their product you can win a free Xbox 360! (and some other stuff, too!)

It's the Mountain Dew Instant Win Game...and you can read all about it here.

(Just last night, after offering a friend a Miller Chill, he told me that his favorite beverage is Mountain Dew. I replied that I was big on the Dew until this past Easter, when I drank so much of it I could taste it in my mouth for days to follow. Need a break. Started shopping at the Jones Soda Store. Then switched to Cherry Pepsi.)

In a non-soda related story, you can also win a free Xbox 360 here.
This site looks AWFULLY simple...I'm too busy (as I said) to check it out, so if YOU check it out please let me know what it entails.

(Actually, if you type "Free XBox 360" in Google you'll get 1,230,000 matches. I don't know what cave I was sleeping in, but I have NO idea what kind of promotion every last person is offering on Xbox's behalf. Of course, I'm still rockin' the GameCube.)

Lastly...look gradually to your right for a second. See that Orange-Blue-and-White banner offering a 30 second video on how to make your own soda? Check it out. It's very cool, and if you drink as much soda as I do it's a great tool to consider owning!

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