Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coke, Pepsi, Your Teeth and a Dentist

When I was a kid (stop me if you heard this one already...) we poured a cup of soda and dropped a nail into it. We left the cup of soda on top of the friedge where it wouldn't spill.

1 week later, we took the cup down and pulled out the nail. Oh MAN how corroded it looked!

My friend turned to me and said "If soda can do this to a nail...imagine what it does to your stomach lining!"

So of course, it deterred me from drinking soda.

NOT! I was a teenager! I only drank soda when it was made available to me, anyway!

Well, a trip to the dentist and I'm getting a lecture on how bad soda is for your teeth.

(Disclaimer: I have decent teeth. Bad gums, but decent teeth).

Then I got the bill for services rendered (scraping and scaling...told you I had bad gums!) and had to take out a seecond mortage to pay the bill.

A month later, it turns out my 7 year old has a cavity.

(How the hell did he get a cavity?! I got my first cavity when I was 25!!!)

They filled that little bastard and charged me $169.00!

So today, I want to draw the connection between how drinking soda will remind you that you need affordable Dental Care.

You see, I don't have dental insurance. Yes, my wife is constantly after me about how I should hav a job that has dental insurance. But I don't. SO, when someone needs their teeth worked on...we cry.

Today, more and more companies are cutting out Dental and Optical plans and making employees pay into their medical plans. This small piece of information at LEAST allows me the satisfaction of knowing that I am not the ONLY person without dental care.

That's why I need affordable dental care. So do you. If you drink soda, you REALLY do!

If you drink Soda as much as I really, really do!

I have been told by my dentist (who, odly enough, went to college with someone I knew in High School! Small world, huh?!) that not all dental plans are equal, and some are not worth the expense.

Now, I'm a soda guy...not a dental insurance I can't tell you which firm to go with.

I CAN tell you that I looked at a firm called

Why? Well because they had a website that was easy to remember.

It looked pretyt thorough, too.

So, in recapping, let's agree that:

1) if you like soda you should read this blog becasue it's all I talk about

2) if you like soda you should have a good gastro-internist...given what can happen to your stomach lining.

3) if you like soda you should have a good dentist.

4) if you have a good dentist you should have an affordable Dental Plan.

5) if you like Cherry Coke you'll probably like Dr. Pepper.

Ok, I just winged it on that last one.

See? Who said I couldn't throw together a well thought out post in only 10 minutes? :)

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