Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cola Please - No More Mello Yello

Pepsi, No Ice, Lemon.
I never wanted one so badly.

I helped a friend and his family move out of state last weekend. We left at eight in the morning and drove 14 hours to the Carolinas.

After traveling almost 10 hours we stopped for gas and sodas. When I saw that the soda machine offered Mello Yello I threw my $1.25 in the machine and ordered one up.

"Mello Yello?!" my friends ask.
"Yes." I told them confidently. "I bought this Mello Yello because I can't get them in New Jersey."

That was the ah-ha moment of the 10 hour ride.
4 hours to go...

2 hours later, the puppy needed an emergency break and we stopped at a gas station.
My pal comes out with an Iced Tea for himself...and a Mello Yello for me.

"Ah...thanks!" I say. After all, it WAS hot outside.

We get to the hotel and crash.
In the morning we get breakfast.
Next to the juice machine is a soda machine.

"Hey!" his wife says. "Mello Yello! Go ahead! Have some!"
"It's ten in the monring!" I reply. "I'll have the Orange Juice."
Bad move. The juice is too thick. So what can I cut it with?

Mello Yello.
Now the heartburn is in kicking in.

We get to the house, start to unload the trucks.
The wife and daughter go out for groceries.
Little Shannon comes home with a bag behind her back and big smile for me.

"We bought you something!" she coos.

Oh God Damn...
It's a warm, 2-liter bottle of Mello Yello.
"Go on! Drink some!" she exclaims.

I'm still trying to be polite.
"Ah no. It's warm. I'll drink this cold Spri - "
"Why don't you just pour it over ice?"
"Ah...because...I don't..."
So I pour out some of my ice cold Sprite and I pour the Mello Yello into it.

I'm r-e-a-l-l-y trying to be polite.

We unload the trucks....shower...and go to dinner.
As we enter the restraunt, my phone rings. It's the wife.
I tell my friends to get us a table and I'll catch up.

As I hang up the phone, the fear over comes me.

I rush to the table, where the waiter is writing something on his pad.

"OH!" my friends's wife exclaims. "I just ordered you a Mello Yello!"

"NO!" I tell the waiter. "NO. I want a Pepsi. No Ice. Lemon. Please."

My friend's wife is quite shocked.
I just can't be polite anymore.
"I'm sorry." I gasp, settling into my chair. "I've been drinking Mello Yello for 3 days now. I need a cola."

Mmmm....Coke No Ice Lemon or Pepsi No Ice Lemon...eiother way, I am done with my infatuation with Mello Yello.

Went to lunch today. Friend ordered a Mountain Dew.
Hell with that. I got a Pepsi...
I'm not over it yet.

See the Dusty Rhodes Mello Yello Commercial on You Tube!

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awksedgreep said...

Really enjoyed reading your Mello Yello story. I'm sitting here with my first in a long while as well, but I can see it getting old fast.

You do have to admit tho, it is seriously good stuff every once in a while.

I can't really drink Mountain Dew . . . it's just too sweet, but Mello Yello doesn't seem to bother me as much. Not sure why that might be.