Thursday, September 4, 2008

Go ahead...make yourself a Soda

Today at lunch I poured myself a Coca Cola...but then threw in a touch of Root Beer.
Ah hell. Why not? Sure, it's no Pepsi...

Strange result, really:
9 parts Coca Cola and 1 part Root Beer...and the drink tasted like Root Beer.

You ever wonder How to make soda?

Burger King has all kinds of stickers on it's Soda Machines, encouraging patrons to mix-and-match flavours. (There is no way I'm mixing Pepsi with Sprite. YOU say it's like putting a lemon in your Coke. I say it's nuts. And it makes the cola look like a Stewart's Cream Soda.)

So as long as you are standing in front of the soda machine, mixing and matching your favorite concoctions...why not do it in the luxury of your own home? Wouldn't it be great to make fresh, great-tasting soda in just seconds, with no clean-up?!No more carrying, storing or recycling bottles and cans!

And I don't mean that you're stuck with some syrupy 'cola'. You can make 8 delicious diet flavors (sweetened with Splenda®) as well as a variety of regular flavors that STILL have two-thirds less sugar than store bought brands! (Sorry, Jolt. Move over, Mountain Dew.)

There are 27 flavours en total.
That's a LOT of soda to choose from!

I used to think you'd need a 50 gallon drum and a giant hose to make your own soda.
(Come on! EVERY kid dreams of making his own soda!)
But I'm wrong. This little machine sits right on your counter top!

In the right hand margin of this blog is a video that demonstrates the Soda Club Soda Maker.
Don't take MY word for it! Click the video and see for yourself.
(Cah MAHN! It's 30 seconds. You don't have 30 more seconds to kill?!)

You've always wondered how to make soda.
Now click the link below and see how EASY and DELICIOUS it would be...

Go ahead. Make yourself a soda!

Love soda? Get a Soda-Club soda maker! About the size of a coffeemaker and even easier to use, you’ll make fresh seltzer and soda at the touch of a button, with no clean-up. No more lugging, storing and recycling. Over 25 great-tasting flavors.

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