Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Color of Money is not Purple

Last month I wrote about a new beverage company called Purple. It features Marketing Executives and other Brain Powers from Coca Cola, Pepsi and Red Bull.

The paperwork I had received on Purple touted it as the next super beverage company, and insisted I buy the stock now while it was still affordable.

At the time of my post, the stock was trading at about $1.25 a share.

Unfortunately, the marketing they did to promote the stock didn't pay off.
As of today, the stock trades at roughly 50 cents a share.
In fact, looking at a historical chart, the stock peaked in April at a little over $3.00 a share...and has been steadily declining ever since.

This is not to say that SALES have been tanking. In fact, last week Try-It distributing took on the Purple beverage as it's latest ware to offer. WHO?! "Try-It", the Coca Cola rival who distributes such lines as AriZona Teas, Jolt Cola, and Jones well as others...exclusively in the Buffalo, NY region.

And 1 week prior to THAT, Purple got Mesa Beverage to offer the line in Northern California.
WHO?! "Mesa Beverage", the Northern California distributor for MillerCoors, Corona and well as several other lines that are NOT tasty beers!

According to a recent press release, Purple's revenue this quarter is up 5 fold over last quarter.
However, they are talking about how happy they are that their quarterly losses have DROPPED...not how great their profits have increased.

Sure, all beverage companies need a chance to get National and get loved to death.
Pepsi Cola didn't light the world on fire overnight.
But they also have to be careful how they push their P.R.

When I think about Purple, I don't think about this great beverage that will make you healthier and smarter. I think of a company that said their stock will explode...but so far hasn't.

The lesson here?
Drink soda that you enjoy...don't worry about the stock price.

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