Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama, McCain, Pocket Knives and Drinking Your Vote

Do Obama and McCain carry pocket knives? A friend sent me a really funny article he had written comparing Obama and McCain to these mini weapons. You can read it here.

It reminded me that you can still combine your love of drinking soda and your love of discussing politics to Drink Your Vote between now and November 4th.

The more cans of Barak Obama Cola and John McCain Cola you discreetly leave lying around, the more you are spreading the word in a unique way. (Try to do it without polluting this blue marble we live on!)

Can't decide? You can read up on the two great tastes of campaign cola here.

Want something that doesn't coincide with the taste of most Americans? How about Hillary Clinton Cola?! Perfect for the Feminists who don't like Sara Palin!

Or the very obscure flavor of Ron Paul Cola! Like the candidate himself, most Americans don't even know that this flavor exists!

Jones Soda and I invite you to drink the Cola that supports the Presidential Candidate that you think will WhoopAss this November.

Show your support! Drink a toast to your Presidential Candidate with Jones Campaign Colas!

(and remember to watch Coke and Pepsi fight it out at www.Squidoo.com/CokevsPepsi!)

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