Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Andy Warhol and Coca Cola revisited

You may...or may surprised to know how popular my post on Andy Warhol's Coca Cola art has been. When originally posted back in the Summer, I never expected that it would fast become one of my most popular pages.

Do people still dig Any Warhol?

Do people still DIGG Andy Warhol?

The Andy Warhol museum website hosts a 'store'...but any search for Coke, Coca Cola, Soda or Coke bottles turns up nothing. (Well, that's not completely true. Searching "Coca Cola" turns up a BOOK about his artwork. I guess they mention the Coke Bottles somewhere in there.)

You can buy an Outlet Cover of the '3 Coke Bottles' if you click here. Who'da thought?!

Have you seen the Andy Mouse New Coke Banner? It's designed to be a tribute to Warhol and Coke. You can quickly see the Warholism in it...

And, no thanks to any of you (snicker!) I found that if you go to Google and type "Andy Warhol Coke"...but you omit the quotation marks! WILL see the '100 Coke Bottles' print. You'll also see a 6 bottle print. SIX bottles?! That's gotta be a fake...

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